Last night was wonderful: Adam “Spuds” Fudakowski was elected Chairman of the OMV (I had seconded his nomination and helped him a little bit with committee details etc), Jo “Djo” Dowbekin was elected as an Elected Member (I proposed her… no no, not TO her, I mean her nomination… oh nevermind) and lots of of my lovely beautiful wonderful amusing friends were there. Naturally everyone tumbled into the pub afterwards, where I enjoyed my first real evening out in about five months… It was just so good to see everyone and I wish the evening could have lasted longer.

Today the RMU is quite keen to requisition my bed for someone else’s use, as I don’t really need to be here and they’re a bit desperate for beds, so I’m abandoning my room: DO NOT PHONE ME IN HOSPITAL! I’m staying at Will and Caroline’s down the road, as I need to be back by 8:30 tomorrow morning to see how the bloods are and to hopefully get harvesting. If I’m not ready, I’ll probably go home for the weekend and return on Monday…

More soon.

3 thoughts on “The Chairman has retired… Long live the Chairman!

  1. I see we still cant keep you away from the pub george. Shame I wasnt in london to see you. Big hugs!

    Lots of Love
    Danielle xxx

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