Need support now?

No, no, I am not a doctor/counsellor/scientist and this site is not intended to be a source for medical advice. I can offer a few rubbish jokes and some tips from my own experience of having cancer, but if you need support from professionals, get in touch with your doctor or contact the NHS (or equivalent health service in your country).

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Contact the NHS for medical help (in the UK)

Who else can help?

If you’re a patient, carer, friend, relative or anyone looking for more support, check out the following charities. They have all helped me so much, and you can find everything from information from professionals and peer support to care beyond the clinical and amazing opportunities to meet and share with people like you.

They would also all LOVE you to help raise the funds they need to keep being so amazing – but let me know if you donate/fundraise to/for them (I’d like to claim some credit).

Bloodwise offer support and info to individuals diagnosed with any of the 137 blood cancers (and their loved ones) and fund a lot of important research (I’m an ambassador)

Anthony Nolan run the UK stem cell register and provide info and support to anyone dealing with a stem cell / bone marrow transplant, as well as friends, families and donors (I was Patient Champion in 2014)

Shine Cancer Support bring together adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s in local networks all over the UK while offering support, advice and a lot of love

Full Circle Fund Therapies supports people with a life-limiting/-threatening illness by treating the whole person with a range of mind-body therapies (I’m a trustee)

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