London-based charity copywriter sometime singer husband food taster public speaker journalist sports fan public sector refugee brother Italophile volunteer piano-basher uncle hospital attendee optimist first-time buyer book-lover practised procrastinator sleep fan Sussex-born lazy linguist cod philosopher strummer dreamer writer blogger editor

…and leukaemia lugger:
Diagnosed: 31st October 2005 with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; finished treatment 12 February 2008
Relapsed (oops): Diagnosed 17 October 2013…
Stem cell transplant: Saved by Tim’s cells, transplanted on 26 March 2014

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. (I am a friend of Ginas)
    wow george, I have been reading your blog and you seriously sound like a determined, strong guy. Give it all you have got. You will beat it. Stay strong, stay happy – it seems like there is alot of support from friends and family with you.

  2. Ciao George. Ho avuto il piacere di seguire il tuo blog in italiano (i potenti mezzi) Sei forte. Il tuo sorriso, il tuo coraggio, il tuo amore, ti aiuteranno a vincere la battaglia. Un bacio anche da parte degli altri. Elio

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