I’m always talking about myself on this blog, but today I’ve something to say about someone else as well, so will relegate myself to the end of this post…

A message from a very good friend of mine:

I’m a 23 year old teacher and looking for a houseshare in either Woking, Ascot, Guildford or Twickenham so I can commute to a job in West End (Surrrey… not the West End or I’d be living in south London where all my friends are living!). If you know anyone who’s got a room to rent or who also needs someone to live with in any of those areas I’d love to hear from them! I’m very aware that I don’t know anyone in those areas so I’m interested in any possibilities at this stage. I’m on a fairly tight budget but hopefully will be upgrading from student house status.

Thanks very much!

If anybody knows of any possibilities, please let me know and I shall pass it on… She’s getting a little frantic so it would be great to help put her mind at ease!

Right, as for me… I know where I’ll be staying from tomorrow (Thursday), as my blood counts today were:

    • WBC… 3.3
    • Neutrophils… 1.4
    • Haemoglobin… 9.6
    • Platelets… 105

As you can see, I’ve reached the necessary levels for the next batch of chemo, and as it happens there’s currently a bed free in the RMU. The blood-getting took a little longer than expected, and I worried at one point that I’d been completely forgotten, but the staff at St Richard’s were friendly as usual. Getting the results took a while, too, and I think somebody forgot to ring me back, but we got there in the end! So anyway, I’ll be back in St George’s tomorrow, and will post my new phone number here when possible.

As for the cranial radiotherapy, the doctors don’t want it to get in the way of chemotherapy, at least certainly not Consolidation 2. But I’m going ahead with the planning appointments tomorrow and on Monday, as then the planning will be done, whenever I end up having the radiotherapy; I’m also keeping the 7th July appointment for the actual radiotherapy, as it might be that that falls quite well into my chemo schedule. I will discuss it with my consultant when I go into St George’s.

Tomandalice is here, which is very lovely and saved a couple of bus journeys into Chichester. Tom’s current pet is his herb garden: poor Alice has been relegated to second place, I fear…

3 thoughts on “1. Room at the inn? 2. Room at the inn!

  1. Hey George

    I have a friend who lives in Guildford in a nice little apartment that might be interested in letting a room. He’s had tenants before. Please ask Harri for Dave Williams’ phone number, if not, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it. He has loads of friends in the needed towns so might be able to help if he hasn’t got room.

    Good to hear you’re ready for the next batch of Chemo… Hope all goes well..

    You’re in my thoughts


  2. George
    Good luck with the next batch of chemo – this time, don’t let any bugs get in through any lines, orifices or any other permeable surfaces!!
    It’s been so long since I’ve been in to see you, what with all your to-ing and fro-ing – and just as you get back to RMU, I’m out of London for the next two weeks!! Residential training course in sunny Berkshire next week, then holidays in Croatia the following week! So let’s make a date for July.

    Thinking of you
    ali xxx

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