This might be a record for not posting, which is particularly impressive considering at New Year I vaguely resolved to post more regularly… Too vaguely, no doubt. The usual excuses apply: I’ve been far busier than I should have been, and far lazier than I should have been, too. But now I’m back!

Christmas was, as my last post hopefully made clear, fabulous. It was good even when we were joined by Tomandalice on Boxing Day. A couple of times I stopped and thought about just what I’d been through, and how lucky I was to be able to enjoy Christmas in such good health. It was very special.

New Year was fun: a Murder Mystery at Big Phil’s house… I’m not a big fan of going out for NYE, and a small dinner party with added acting responsibilities (including variable American accents) proved to be a great way to see in 2007.

I never seem to be able to think of decent resolutions in time, so generally I’m just going to try and be better this year. Better at keeping in touch with people, better at getting things done sooner rather than later, better at helping at home, better at giving people what they deserve. That sort of thing. It’s a bit vague, I suppose, but it might be better than nothing.

Oh, and I want to get Burt Bacharach to perform at my 25th birthday party.
2007 has, as I mentioned, been a bit busy so far, but good. My first hospital visit of the year was meant to be for an Intrathecal injection, but counts were still a bit marginal, so they postponed it for another week, while restarting the chemo tablets (though halving the dose). This worked quite nicely, as I had the White Knights Ball coming up, and didn’t especially want a sore back or any side effects. As it was, the IT happened last week instead, and was very easy – fortunately a doctor who had given me two before did it, so he knew exactly where to stick the needle! I don’t seem to have had any nasty side-effects, either.

The White Knights Ball (follow links from to see photos) was magnificent, and the bits I helped organise seemed to go OK. Best of all, I had all my family along for the first time, as well as a table and a half of friends from Jesus, Oxford, many of whom I hadn’t seen for a while. It was great to catch up with so many people, though as always there were still lots I barely saw, if at all. We seem to have raised lots of money, too, but I’m yet to discover how much. I also had a great night at Row’s house, for her brother’s 21st birthday.

I’m now throwing myself back at the Malteser, which I had hoped to finish sooner, but which was somewhat ignored over Christmas/New Year. What I have done is looking fairly presentable, and there are some great articles, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, I’ve started doing some part-time research for Jim Naughtie, the Radio 4 presenter (he works on the Today programme these days). He is frantically working on a new series and book on European classical music in its political, social and historical context, and needs a little help now and then to find certain obscure facts. Gilly Orr, who works for the Today programme, recommended me: big thank you to her. It’s not a lot of work, but it’s a start, and is probably quite a good way to ease myself back into the working world.

However, all this talk of work and so on is thrown into relief by a wonderful surprise on Wednesday: Mariacristina came over from Italy… I didn’t have a clue until I turned up at Jo’s house and MC opened the door! It was wonderful, and I loved having her over. She even took me to Spamalot!, which was very entertaining. Thank you MC…

So, that’s all keeping me busy, and life seems to be getting back to something like normality. My daily tablets and weekly hospital visits for blood tests don’t let me forget that treatment is still far from over, but they’ve become such a regular part of life they tend not to bother me at all.

I hope the year’s been good for you all so far! I’ll blog again soon.

One thought on “2007, eh?

  1. Hey cuore mio,
    è stato bello leggere questo intervento…era passato davvero troppo tempo dall’ultimo.

    C’è qualcosa in questo post che mi fa perdere letteralmente la testa:la foto…dio quanto sono fortunata!

    As for the surprise…I managed to do it thanks to Jo!Jo thank you…I couldn’t have done this without you.And I want to say “thank you” also to the other gorgeous girls who live with jo: sooz, aoife and all made me feel at home.THANK YOU.

    per ritornare a noi,beh…sono stati tre giorni bellissimi.grazie di cuore…cuore mio.


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