From a distance, is Paul Simon actually George Bush? And while we’re at it, does anybody have diamonds on the soles of their shoes? I’d love to meet them, if only to ask why. And finally, what kind of a song lyric is ‘I can be your bodyguard, and you can be my long-lost pal… I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me you can call me Al’? I’ve often wondered.

I’m assuming my neutrophils are approximately 0.0 now, as they were getting there recently, and probably haven’t started the trek back up yet. I’ve been on antibiotics due to my usual flirtation with the odd temperature above 37^, though it’s been quite defiantly below that today, so perhaps they won’t go on forever.

I had a lovely visit from my lovely father yesterday, with lovely gifts too. Otherwise it’s been Trappist-esque-ly quiet (ie very quiet, Katie C), though I have had some limited fun with my new friends Noel, Des, Anne and the rest (for those unfamiliar with UK television: they’re gameshow hosts). And there was plenty of rugby on. England even won! And as for Planet Earth… Wow.

I haven’t been sleeping as much as I’d like to, in large part due to often not getting my evening antibiotics until very late – though one evening I was so tired I fell asleep and barely even registered the nurse coming in to take it down when it finished. Fortunately SuperLee is on tonight, and she apologised about the lateness of starting, despite being by far the earliest to put them up…

Anyway, there’s only one way the neuts can go now, so let’s hope they do so pronto.

9 thoughts on “A few posers (no, not Make Me a Supermodel)

  1. Glad you had a lovely visit from your lovely father bearing lovely gifts, how lovely!! Must have broken the monotony a little.
    So the rugby has begun and
    the Wallabies didn’t fare too well against the Irish. Could be interesting. Do hope the neuts begin to move in the right direction and that you manage some more of the zzz’s.
    Thinking of you and love from Melanie,xxx

  2. I love that song….am now humming along at my desk! And I would definitely love to meet someone with diamonds on the soles of their shoes – to laugh and ask why! Thank you for my translation (I did need it!). Hope the neuts come up, the temp stays right and the sleep happens.
    Big huggle buggle!

  3. Georgey,I miss Noel Des and Anne,please send them my best.. hope you’re not in much longer, will try give you a call this evening..Lots of love,Federico

  4. beh,come sempre…sto preparando i manifesti di incoraggiamento per i neutrofili…forza bimbini!faccio il tipo per voi…;-)se fate i bravi, vi vengo a trovare a dicembre, ok?

    un bacio forte george



  5. George, I can’t believe that you haven’t been as well as you want to be. Good luck with everything. I also have been watching Deal or No Deal which is very addictive, but I have not won any money, I might apply to go on the show and try and beat the might be a giggle…we’ll see about that …though. I hope that everything from now on goes ok for you.

    See you soon

    Phil Wilkinson

  6. “You Can Call Me Al” is Paul Simon’s most interesting go at the residue of — mainly — American popular culture. A good example is the title, which comes out of the depression-era song (lyric by E.Y. Harburg) “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” (also “Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?”), where the speaker enjoins the listener: “Say, don’t you remember, you called me Al, it was ‘Al’ all the time. Say, don’t you remember, I’m your pal — Brother, can you spare a dime?” Picking out all the allusions would take a while, but if you’re interested, it’s not really any different from winkling out the allusions in “Joseph Andrews” or “Love’s Labour’s Lost”; maybe a little easier.

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