They counted my stem cells today (1, 2, 3, 4… 7326, 7327… yawn) and they’re not numerous enough yet to harvest, so it looks as though that won’t be until Monday (I’ll be here and expecting your visits until then). Meanwhile, I’m going to pop into London this evening for the OMV AGM! Cool. I promise I’ll be careful and not over-exert myself.

4 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Yo Georgie Boy,

    It was ace to see you this evening. Missing you lots and was great to see you as smiley as ever and suiting the new hair style. I promise to be better at staying in touch. Hope the celebrations about adam’s new position weren’t too taxing for you – sorry i had to forgoe the partying for some boring revision. Sweet dreams, Steiny XX

  2. George,
    Am so impressed that you have already loaded last night’s results up onto the website! Great to see you last night and thank you for your tribute – nice picture!
    (OMV Nobody)

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