This morning George suffered a bit of a setback. His immune system is non-existent at the moment and he appears to have contracted an infection. His blood pressure reduced considerably and the increase in fluids needed to combat this led to fluid on the lungs and breathing problems. As a precaution, George was admitted to Intensive Care where he is being ventilated and given a large array of drugs and transfusions. His condition has improved throughout the day but it will still be a day or so before the antibiotics start to work. In the meantime we will all be with him; please do not ring us or the Ruth Myles unit, we will try to update you via this blog.

19 thoughts on “Another Bridge to Cross

  1. George, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers – keep yer pecker up!
    Ooodles of love xxxxxxxx

  2. Dearest George plus Andrew, Tom n Alice, Harri and Freddie.
    We are all with you from faraway,
    “All will be well”
    love and thoughts and prayers from us and the prayer chain.
    Caroline and co xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Our thoughts and prayers from Singapore. Philip will be in London tomorrow and the w/e.
    All our love, P & H and girls

  4. we are always thinking of you and prayers are sent with much love
    Keep your head up and keep smiling for us!
    miles of smiles
    Jess, Grace & Nina!

  5. The All Hallows bunch will give you top billing at night prayers tonight – so you’d better watch out . . .

  6. I nostri pensieri sn rivolti a voi,per non parlare delle nostre preghiere…Siamo con voi in questo momento difficile.

    Con immenso affetto


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