Well… We got up early and trundled up to Tooting, I gave some blood (exciting to be in daycare: it’s much more populated than isolation…) and had my dressing changed, and then waited for the results. And, to everyone’s complete surprise, my counts are up, high enough for Phase 2! The doctors were surprised, the nurses were surprised, I was surprised and you, too, sir, might be surprised. They really didn’t expect me to be coming in today, so much so that the doctors had to go and work out just what the plan was for kicking off Phase 2 – they hadn’t expected to have to think about it until perhaps Thursday.

That gave us time to go and get some food, though, and I had the most delicious lunch in a lovely Italian restaurant. This was an unexpected bonus, because I’d written off the chances of going out for a meal for a good long time (because I have to be so careful about what I eat, how things are cooked etc), but the nurses and doctors were fine with me going to a good, reputable restaurant. And it tasted soooooooooooo good. Eating nice food was one of the best things about being at home, and hospital food was probably the thing I was looking forward to least about coming back in. So it was great to make the most of good food before coming back in.

My old room was empty, so I’m back in Number 3, and that means I have the same phone number too. I’ve brought back some of the stuff I had in here before, but not everything, as it would have just been silly. If you gave me a book and it’s not here with me, it is just because I can’t read all of them at once: I may not have a chance to start it during this four-week stint, but rest assured I’ll get to it at some point! If you lent me anything, want it back and I don’t have it here (again because there’s only SO much stuff you can bring into hospital), let me know and I’ll get someone to bring it up next time they visit.

So, the four weeks of Phase 2 start tomorrow, because the doctors registered to give chemotherapy intrathecally aren’t in today (perhaps they thought about coming in but said “well, no chance George will have got his counts up yet, so I shan’t bother”). I get intrathecal one day, followed by intravenous each of the next four days, then a day off, then the same cycle, approximately. Oh, and chemo tablets every day, too. All fun.

My neutrophils are actually up to 1.1, which means I’m not neutropaenic (<1), though that’s still well below the normal level of 1.8. It does mean I am allowed out of my room, and they’ll let me know if that changes. I am still tired and don’t have enormous amounts of energy, and having more chemo is unlikely to help that, but it’s nice to know I can be a bit freer. They might be able to let me out on Christmas Day, which would be nice, though my family are going to be staying just down the road, so even if I can’t escape the hospital they’ll certainly be around.

Interestingly, tomorrow is Day -1. I’m not sure why Phase 2 starts in the minus, but will ask.

9 thoughts on “Are you in? Or are you out?

  1. Wishing all good things-we are with you in spirit every step…i know…we have the easypeasy job but best of luck with next round.
    Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain is my next book having enjoyed his beautiful exhibition of paintings here in singapore….wonder if you have read it…
    all well here-Grace storming through end of season matches perfecting her bicycle kick(?correct term)& her knowledge of TheDoors,jess playing some tennis which is a new thing & going v well,nina continues to be a part of the swedish community here via her friend Smilla,hence her rather unusual accent…a large number of girls coming on friday for Christmas sweet making…i am sure i said one friend each…hope they are not expecting the oompaloompas…this rambling in lieu of writing christmas cards…masses of love as ever,rapps&rapplettesx

  2. Hi George,
    Glad to hear things are looking up for you and that you can start new treatment sooner than originally expected – I’m thinking of you all the way over here in Aus, and keeping up to date on your progress thanks to the lovely Buckley family! Love a Million to you all, hope you aren’t too cold while I’m enjoying lovely beach weather!!

  3. Bravo, George! Now, make sure you’re a good boy for the nurses and eat up those potatoes… :s

    I’ll be in to see you soon with a potentially exciting Christmas present (!) Looking forward to seeing your moon face for real.

  4. Hey George,

    So pleased to hear that things are going ok at the moment; I love reading all of the stuff you stick up on here. Thought I’d leave on comment on this particular one though because I dreamt of you last night, and I thought the whole world should know. You know that one where they fly in through the window…

    No, seriously, it was actually all a bit wierd. We were some crime-fighting duo who beat all of the underworld gangsters into a pulp. Perhaps it was alegorical. Or perhaps I ate too much cheese. I fear the latter,

    Tim x

  5. Hi George! Glad to read that you had a lovely time at home – it sounds as though you were well fed & looked after! Good luck with phase 2 – Your white blood cells seem to be ready for anything which sounds like a good sign! Feel free to put in an order for a choccie parcel to take the taste of the hospital potatoes away!
    Will be thinking of you over the next few weeks & keeping up with your news on the blog!
    Take care & lots of love!
    Tora x

  6. Hey my fitty, good to hear the updates and to hear that things ticking along. As for me way too much craziness recently has resulted in getting ill. In bed with temp and no ability to talk as glands so swollen in the mouth (disaster for me who loves to talk so much!) so can kinda understand frustration of not being able to do anything. So very sad as can not come and visit you for a bit or call until i can talk!! So as for the life size carboard cut out of you, will have to get on the case when i am better, will recruit from the gang to help me out and your little bro who promised to help, i think…(so no running away fred!) Am sending you huge hugs and sloppy kisses, bacioni

    P.S MC – si sono meta’ italiana, la madre e’ italiana e al momento sto studiando a bologna pero abito in inghilterra!

  7. Salut!
    Hope all’s continuing well in number three, it was so lovely to spend lots of time with you on Wednesday – definately the highlight of my week and the most fun I’ve had in a while…
    Hope those nasty potatoes aren’t getting you down.
    Robyn x x x

  8. in response to Tim J’s comment, I also recently had a dream about George and I being a supre crime fighting duo… how odd. Infact we were both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we saved the world (many times). XXX

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