George has written about this – here is the update.  Basically the cost, complexity and length of time to get results of the test means that they are not willing to test people (apart from siblings) just to see if they match George.  You can get onto the registers though – they prefer people between the ages of 18 and 40/44 when you first register – all it requires is a simple blood test to register.  Details can be found at: or ring 020 7284 1234
By Monday 28 Nov they had found 7 possible matches internationally.

One thought on “Bone marrow testing

  1. I have been on the reigster for a while. I was even called in to give a blood sample some months ago, but nothing came of it. I’d encourage everyone to sign on the register (if you have the guts to have your marrow sucked) but with that said, the chance of one individual matching another are pretty damn small. Thus don’t anyone join thinking you can help G directly – but remember there are many thousands of people in George’s situation: help them and maybe their friends will sign up. The more on the list, the more chance of a match. It may seem indirect, but the list is the way to go.

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