Sorry to anybody who came on here yesterday or today and found just a page of source code… I’ve no idea what happened, but am certain it was nothing I did. Unfortunately the template became mostly deleted, so I’ve spent the past half an hour putting it back together… I haven’t bothered with the mini-lnks I had up there in the header, but otherwise it should be exactly as it was.

This time I’m saving the template elsewhere, in case of further error!

5 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. Do we get to find out what the contents of the bowl are? My money is on either; a) chicken soup (for the soul maybe… obviously not for the stomach!), b) parsnip puree, c)rice pudding.

    Good luck with the radiotherapy; I’ll be thinking of you.


  2. Your disappearance was noted and I thought it was our problem, nice you have posted again and hope that you are not wilting too dramatically in the heatwave that appears to be encompassing Britain and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere!!
    Must admit that the food photo is interesting with the product questionable, maybe cauliflower soup. I wonder?
    Anyway it is raining here which is good and still cold, it is winter! Hope the socialising has continued this weekend. Thinking of you
    Love Melanie

  3. My money’s on gruel. Becuase a) it looks like the stuff they served Oliver Twist in the film of the same name (or was it just called ‘Oliver’?!), and b) gruel is cheap and we all know how hospitals like to make savings!

    Am going to Stansted in a bit to drop Sean off and to be made fully aware (I hope) that, in fact, all the best people aren’t going to Lourdes this year! Who wants to go anyway? It’s only the most fun someone can have in a week away!

    lots of love xoxoxo

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