George and Mariacristina under a party hat stuck to the door
Remnants of a great party

When I mentioned to the doctor this morning that I had been a bit slow in getting out of bed this morning, she said it was no surprise, as the empty bottle of bubbly (elderflower pressé), huge balloon behind my bed, party hats stuck to the wall and party streamers scattered across the room showed we’d had a good party the night before…

And – although it didn’t really continue too far into the evening – what a party it was! Although I felt nothing particular during the infusion, or afterwards, the psychological celebration of reaching such a huge and important milestone made it an incredibly special day. It was even more wonderful to have present not only senior sister Daphne, who was here when I first came in back in 2005, but also of course my father – who has been such an incredible support – and Mariacristina, who is sharing my journey every step of the way with unimaginable strength and love.

Apart from the elderflower bubbly hangover, all has been pretty good today. The G-CSF growth hormone I had last week combined with an expected spike from the infusion of new cells to leave me with a remarkable 3.0 neutrophils, so I made the most of the gaps between my IV drips to stretch my legs on a tour of the hospital, and to enjoy a Costa cappuccino. It might be those neutrophils keeping some of the side-effects at bay for now, but so far generally I’m feeling well.

George in a hospital garden with a pond full of fish
Fishy business on my tour of the hospital

Admittedly this evening I’ve felt a bit more sleepy, but having woken up needing a wee (I’ve been getting a lot of fluids, and diuretics to make sure I get rid of them, too) a couple of times during the night outside of the usual interruptions for obs and IVs starting/finishing, I expect some of my tiredness is just due to needing some more sleep. There was the excitement of yesterday, too, though, and of course it’s quite likely that the treatment itself is starting to have a wearying effect. Naturally I was boosted by sharing supper with Mariacristina…

Doctors expect my neutrophils to be down this weekend, and that I may start feeling the effects of not having much of an immune system (there may be the remnants of mine, but the new cells won’t have engrafted yet) more some time in the middle of next week. Nothing’s for certain, though – so we’ll see what happens and, as ever, take it as it comes.

Roll on Day +2!

3 thoughts on “Day +1: Post-transplant-party wanderings

  1. All the best from Amsterdam! I am a friend and old colleague of your gorgeous cousin Gina. Your story inspired me to be a bone marrow donor. Unfortunately I am currently in a bit of a medical trip myself and am undergoing tests for that. Therefore I am not sure I will qualify, but as soon as I know I am, I will get registered! Take care!

  2. Good luck chap Im T + 400 and – I remember it being a bit of an anticlimax when the nurse brought in what looked a bag of beef dripping for the transplant. I was expecting luminous pixie dust or something.

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