George eating a MagnumA quick summary of the video, for those who can’t (or can’t be bothered to) watch it:

Hello… Day +8… no biblical plagues… mucositis worsening… hard to swallow… soup and ice cream… palatial room… opposite nurses station… night-time chatter… good for gossip… getting farther away from Day +0… hopefully engraftment soon… earliest would be Day +10… Bye!

What I forgot to mention is that we put down a deposit on a car today – a very exciting event and one that prompted the terrible drawings on the whiteboard. It’ll make a big difference, giving us a lot more freedom when I’m immuno-suppressed and unable to use public transport – so hurrah!

I also got some platelets today, as they were down to 8. I might try to start a trend on Facebook for #selfiewithmyplatelets – though I’m not sure how far that’ll get.

And that, to be honest, is that!


George and platelets

One thought on “Day +8: Ice cream, cars and mucositis

  1. George, you are amazing. Glad to see you will soon have a car so you can show MC where you went to school (then you can come and stay with us!) One tip for your blog – don’t ruin it with pictures of your younger brother. Always thought he was a bit toothless so was a puzzling photo (love you really Fred). Hilary, I and the Rapplets – well, not very “lets” any more – wish you and MC (nice post MC!) all the best and hope to see you soon. Masses and masses of love, Uncle Philxx

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