wpid-IMG-20131025-WA0014.jpgSo! Allora!

Last night was a late one after all, as the Cytarabine couldn’t start until four hours after the Fludarabine had finished, and then was dripped in over another four hours, finishing somewhere near 2am. But Day 2 was then complete, and at least the Fludarabine only took 30min!

I’ve been feeling sleepy today, but that’s probably as much about being awake for much of last night as anything else. Fortunately the nurses could bring forward the beginning of chemo by a couple of hours compared to yesterday, so I shouldn’t be kept up so late. I can feel a little bit that my body is having to work a bit harder, and my temperature’s gone up a bit, but otherwise I’m not feeling too bad.

I’m having to stick to a strict mouthwash and eyedrop routine, which Mariacristina kindly ensured I won’t forget with her great illustration — yes, my eyelashes have got longer and I DO look as beautiful as the picture now…

I had some visitors, but not too many, which was great, as any more might have been a bit tiring.

Best of all, of course — Mariacristina has been by my side, making me feel loved, comforted and protected.


In italiano!
Giorno 3 e’ quasi completato: come va vi chiedete? Bene, un po assonnato e un po’ stanco. Sento che il mio corpo e’ messo a dura prova ma a parte questo nessun effetto indesiderato, non ancora.

La solita routine: gocce per gli occhi, sciacqui per la bocca.

wpid-IMG-20131025-WA0014.jpgMariacristina fa il generale dell’esercito come vedete: scrive anche sulla lavagna per assicurarsi che le istruzioni vengano seguite!

Per piu aggiornamenti. ..non vi resta che continuare a controllare il blog!

(Grazie a Mariacristina per la versione italiana… Sapere che lei e’ accanto a me mi fa sentire forte, amato e protetto).

3 thoughts on “Days 2/3… / Giorni 2/3…

  1. George, you are truly inspiring. If recovery is based on positivity, it will be no problem for you! Good luck with the days ahead.
    Love Lynn

  2. Hey mate! Just a quick one to say we are sending love and support and it’s great to follow your journey through this blog. Wish we were closer to pop in and say hi but emails will have to do for now. James and Emma

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