I’ve been feeling a bit more tired over the past few days; perhaps because of the triathlon in which I competed on Thursday evening…


This was all one take (as you can probably imagine), but hopefully explains the importance of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, and why you MUST support Anna in the Blenheim Palace triathlon on Sunday. Not only is she running, swimming and cycling for a fantastic cause, but her version of the triathlon will be vastly more difficult than mine!

Please visit her fundraising page and give generously; otherwise I’ll sneak into your house in the middle of the night and steal your socks. Maybe.


You may be glad to hear that since my triathlon, I’ve shaved… In other good news, my hospital visits have been reduced from two a week to one a week. I think the twice-weekly visits were a necessity to assess the ciclosporin level and keep it at the right dose, but now I’m reducing the dose anyway, there’s no benefit in measuring the level.

We’re also more than two-thirds of the way through the first three months / 100 days; if that’s not a reason to give generously to Anna’s triathlon effort on Sunday, I don’t know what is!

George and Mariacristina in Streatham
Since I shaved, Mariacristina’s no longer embarrassed to go out in public with me

2 thoughts on “Days +64 to +68: My very own triathlon effort

  1. sei forte george stai uccidendo il mostro con la tua forza e con l’aiuto di Cristina e con la forza del vostro grande amore .un abbraccio fortissimo da rosa e amedeo arrivederci a presto magari in italia .

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