It seems my neutrophils are down at 0.7, and they need to be at least 1 for this chemo, so they’re sending me home, from where I’ll have to go into St Richard’s, Chichester, to have blood tests until I reach the necessary neutrophil level. Then back to Tooting! Of course it will be lovely to be home again, but it’s a bit frustrating not to be getting on with the treatment, having settled in. It’s also not necessarily going to be easy for my father to fit things around work (he can’t come and get me until this evening), but we’ll just have to work that out.

So… You can forget the phone number, cancel your visits and put your chemo prayers on hold. No doubt I’ll be back soon!

7 thoughts on “Erm… Home again!?

  1. how confusing… you’re like a yoyo… I’VE FINISHED EXAMS!! can’t write that in small letters so when you’re back, i’m desperate to see you. I have about 76 kisses for you, it’s all very overwhelming.

  2. Oh George,

    Poor you, all this up, down, in and out must be v. tiring; still home means sleep & good food at least; hang in there and work on the numbers hon. Is there anything you can eat or do to help?

    Love you SO much,


  3. Now I’m really confused. If your neutrophils are down, aren’t you supposed to be imprisoned in hospital to be shielded from nasty infections? Or is that some other sort of neutro-somethings? Bad luck anyway, and hefty commiserations to Andrew, but I hope it means we shall see you on Wednesday.


    Katie (Aunt, not the other one)

  4. Hey george bummer about the neuts mate hope you have a good wkd weather should be better so at least you can chill at home

  5. Ups and downs, ups and downs. At least it is nice to be at home where the food and surrounding area is much nicer than the hospital. Good luck with boosting the neuts. Hope the weather is nice and warm and sunny for some short walks along the water.
    Love Melanie and Graham xxx

  6. I FINISHED MY EXAMS TOO!! Just thought I’d get that in…. Willing growth of neutro thingys whilst sunbathing. Love you C xx

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