Apologies for the silence last night. I understand from our correspondents ‘on the ground’ (Harriet and Freddie) that their vital connection to the Internet ‘went down’ – presumably worn out by all the new posts! They report that today George had the chemo he was due last Friday (though the consultant was unconcerned about the timings); he is on day 23/28 of the steroids, and he should finish the antibiotics on Monday. He has a new Hickmann line installed, but the x-ray showed that there was a slight bubble of air between the lung wall and the ribcage, which is apparently not unusual. As a result he was having more oxygen to try and expand his lungs to force out the bubble. There is no news yet about whether or when he might get a gaol break to the South Coast, though he is scheduled for the next chemo on Friday of next week.
As regards visitors and telephone calls, he is not yet feeling strong enough for those, and so please respect his wishes until we let you know.
He is very excited as he is about to upgrade his mobile (same number) – the new one arrives on Monday. I’m upgrading too (arrives tomorrow – also staying on my old number) as my old mobile became very intermittent during the period when I most needed it!
Thanks too for the cards to George. The Anchorman Andrew signing off.

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