It’s my anniversary! A year ago this very night (31st), I first went into St George’s. On the 1st November, I had the definite diagnosis.

It’s quite a big landmark, and I shall hopefully soon write more about it. For now, though, having started the final Consolidation phase as an outpatient, I must get some sleep.

A year!

12 thoughts on “Forget Hallowe’en

  1. Georgie baby,
    its been a challenging year for you. well done.
    I just want to wish you all the health and happiness for the year and years ahead.
    best wishes,

  2. Georgey le porgey, congrats mate..Can’t believe it’s been a whole year, you’ve been amazing.. Woop Woop..Now come to Rome.. x x

  3. Un anno eh?Gran bel traguardo!!!E soprattutto per il modo in cui hai superato ogni ostacolo che ti si è presentato di volta in volta…Grinta, coraggio e forza da vendere!vai forte george…!sempre!:-))))))

    Mmmmmmm beh, mi sa che prima di vederti a napoli, dovrò aspettare che tu faccia tappa a roma da federico;-)
    Federico, che fai?rappresenti la concorrenza????;-)



  4. George!! Has it really been that long already??? Keep smiling & keep that chin up, you’ll soon be finished with this phase..

    All my love, Roz

  5. George
    Thought of you this evening because I remember finding out one year ago today (5th Nov) that you were sick. Its great to see you still keep your blog going and that you’re staying so positive and brave. love and best wishes

    Lisa x

  6. A whole year gone … whoosh. Scary stuff.

    However, it bodes well for the rest of the treatment speeding past (fingers crossed)

    Much love, as always. And some virtual antibiotics with the hugs too, since I’m sure I must be radiating them at the moment.

    Hannah xx

  7. we wish you ever greater freedom through this year-you have been a very patient patient.P is in HK but you prob know that!jess broke her toe(am going to make xrays a new feature in sitting room-want to contribute-sort of new take on family portrait?),grace no longer takes her shinpads off(wots the point),nina last seen chasing Fred who trashed his room again….me coming to London to work with AT at RMH(got it?) 30/11 .Will find out from Loopy where you are. hilariousx

  8. Hi George,

    It’s great to hear your wonderful news, and very strange to think of it being a whole year. I’m so pleased that you’re on track.

    Lit Rev news: Robert has abandoned us… Bad Sex Awards coming up…

    Hope to see you soon,


  9. I can’t believe it is a year since we all heard of your illness. It is amazing how things have progress in 12 months. It was good to see you at the Autumn Drinks the other friday. Must fly as I have to pack my bags as I’m off tomorrow morning to see my new niece and my nephew who live in Dublin. Take care, see you soon


    Phil Wilkinson

  10. Gooday from Aussie cousins.Long time no news, lousy virus wiped us out,so need all email add’s please.George a whole year wow, so youre on the downhill stretch… whoopee.Well done. Same cant be said for the cricketers today, praps suffering some jetlag…but still time to pickup before Brisbane.Cousin James given a ticket.Clares Grad next wk, then all over red rover.Caroline xxxxxxx

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