I hardly watch any TV, but did anybody see ‘The Magnificent Seven’ or ‘Songbirds?’ I thought both were excellent. ‘Space Cadets?’ Very entertaining, though Johnny Vaughan’s a bit of a prat. Oh, and don’t get Freddie started: I’m not sure what he’ll do now it’s finished…

(Posted by Freddie for George!!)

2 thoughts on “Good TV

  1. Hi George!

    I saw Songbirds and thought it was really interesting albeit incredibly sad. The story of the woman who seemed so very ordinary, and then found herself stabbing a neighbour to death, was particularly striking.

    I appear to be the only person reading your blog who watches TV, or at least the only one commenting on it..I’m worried everyone else is pursuing far more highbrow entertainments like opera and theatre, but I say, hurrah for TV!

    See you in the New Year, Giorgio!

    Ali x

  2. in response to ali,do not fear,none of us have any time for books anymore, let alone theatre -keeping up with Gs blog is a fulltime job and the perfect alibi for unsent christmas cards and a myriad of other failings…i tell a lie ,King Kong rather good though P disagrees…keep taking it step by step G….you are an inspiration .hilariousx

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