This evening, myself (Freddie) and Harriet came to Tomandalices for the night. After a lovely barbeque with some of Tom’s friends from climbing, we were told that there was a hedgehog on the front lawn. And so Harriet befriended it. And that was that.

P.S. A message to all you ‘animal friendly’ people out there: This was conducted in a safe environment, and the animal’s carer was on standby at all times. No harm came to the animal, and only a minor injury on Harriets behalf.

5 thoughts on “Harriet has found a friend

  1. How exciting! Some friends and I had to an emergency stop on Friday night because a hedgehog was running (surprisingly fast on its little legs!) across my road. After it had disappeared into the safety of the shrubbery I really had to fight the urge to dive in and get a better look… they’re so small and cute and pickupable!
    I hope the funeral goes well today and will be thinking of you all and especially Daddy Norton.
    Much love
    Robyn xxx

  2. I nearly hit a headghog with a parang once whilst doing some fairly extreme gardening where i used to work. Fortunately for the little blighter i missed it and transported it to some bushes where it lived happily ever after.

  3. Cute hedgehog. Tell me what is a parang? My gardening skills leave a lot to be desired!!!
    Hope all is going ok., Thinking of you and hoping neuts are rising George. Love to all.
    Melanie xxxx

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