We talk about ‘a good innings’, and Granpa’s time out in the middle was definitely one for the life equivalent of Wisden. I shan’t extend the metaphor too far (I may have done so already), but suffice with the announcement that Granpa (my father’s father) died a week ago in hospital. I was lucky to have seen him several times during his final week, though he wasn’t on top form and didn’t seem to be enjoying life so much any more. For this reason, I think it was probably a relief to him and he was ready to go. His wife, my Grandma, died in March, and though he seemed to be coping OK at first on his own, in the last couple of months his health worsened dramatically. He was a great crossword man, which automatically makes him a great man in my book, and he was very witty. He was still sharp earlier this year, and showed glimpses of his humour even in the last week. He used to ring me regularly in hospital, too, for a little chat when I was first ill. This is him in March (he’s the one on the left):
Farewell to Granpa. We’ll miss him, but I’m sure he’s somewhere nice.

6 thoughts on “Howard Norton, finally caught behind for 92

  1. I suspect you’re right about “somewhere nice” – I have the oddest image of a celestial room with an open fire and many crossword enthusiasts now (and whatever the heavenly equivalent of a photgraph album full of grandchildren is too)!
    Joining you in fond reminiscing, and celebration of grandparents past and present.
    hannah xx

  2. March? Time seems to have warped for you, George – Grandma died in May, and that photo was taken in June (hence the very shiny heads).

    Thanks for your support during those nasty last couple of weeks.



  3. I had a pair of spec like that between the ages of 13 – 15. It was a Jarvis Cocker style counter-culture thing. I think the merciless bullying they prompted hardened my skin for life, for which I am grateful.

    My blunt self is wondering if, with a suitable walking stick and those specs, you might be able to get concessions at cinemas…

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