Thank you to everyone for sympathetic/positive/supportive comments on my last post – I think it’s time I wrote another one to explore the benefits of my change of plan! I’ve had plenty of time to kick things and feel much relieved by the experience. Freddie came home, too, so I could kick him, though that was generally a more virtual kick as we discovered how to link up our computers in order to let me thrash him at Command & Conquer.

Anyway, this long-term chemotherapy might take bloomin’ ages, but at least

  1. I can go to the Easter Retreat
  2. I might be able to go to Graduation after all
  3. The 5-10% risk of a fatal infection is eliminated
  4. The treatment isn’t nearly so intensive
  5. In consequence, I might be able to start doing stuff sooner than expected
  6. If I have to stay in hospital, I won’t have to be in one of the internet-free rooms
  7. There’s no chance of ever thinking: “if only I’d gone for the other option”
  8. My radiotherapy will only be cranial, not total body
  9. The success rate is just the same as the autograft’s
  10. I can drag out the sympathy for longer (right?).

Anyway, I haven’t quite managed to convert myself to believing I should have gone for this option anyway, but I’m feeling less grumpy about the change in plan. I’m trying to love it! It really has made a difference to have had everyone’s messages showing support, so thank you all.

I’ll get back to blogging a bit more regularly again now, though I’ll be at Downside from Maundy Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning, so possibly not then.

12 thoughts on “I love long-term chemotherapy…

  1. Hey George,
    Glad to hear you are more up-beat about long-term chemotherapy. It is good for us too ‘cos now we all have a decent length of time to hear our daily updates from you on your blog.
    Autograft = pants!!
    Hope you have a fabulous Easter.
    Lots of love to you and all the family, Yours, in awe,
    Susie Lockwood

  2. Hey George

    It’s great to hear you might be coming to Graduation – it’s been way too long since I last saw you. Hopefully we can then have a natter and catch up, all the while wearing stupid gowns.

    Really glad to hear the chemo is going better and love the site


  3. George you have converted me to the merits of long term chemo even if you’re not quite convinced yourself! Sad I can’t make it to the Downside retreat but hope you have a wonderful Easter and I look forward to hearing all about it. Big kisses, love steiny xx

  4. MrandMrsTomandAlice are back and very glad to hear the more postive side of the change in plan. Before they left Mauritius they went waterskiing for the first time ever. Alice half learnt very quickly to water ski. Nuff said…

  5. Un augurio sincero di una Pasqua serena e grandiosa alla famiglia Norton!

    con immenso affetto


  6. tomandaliceandharri – how about diving with fred too, i can do a great impression of a puffer fish..look, watch me expand..

  7. you nortons are all craazy thats what i say!! Hope everyone has a fab easter. Extra special hug coming your way george.

    P.S sorry to everyone who got the phone calls from my parents this morning thinking something aweful had happenned to me, am fine and well although in a huge grump for having had my bag and phone stolen again so omv’ers please send me an email with your numbers.cheers

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