You might be interested to hear that I’m hopefully going to be finishing my Maintenance treatment very soon indeed. I’m seeing my consultant on 7th February, and I think she’ll declare that the end, or let me run on until the end of February. The end of Maintenance, of course, means the end of chemo, and the end of treatment!


They’ll have to keep checking up on me fairly regularly (with bone marrow biopsies BOOOOO) but finishing treatment is great! Even though it probably won’t make much difference to me day to day – psychologically it’s a big thing.

PS This is what I look like these days; photo taken at the White Knights Ball on 5th January (a grand success):

6 thoughts on “In case anyone’s still out there…

  1. Of course we are still out here.
    So pleased to hear your news – you are a star!!!
    Hope your course is going well.
    Are you able to make it to the cousins ‘do’ in April? Hopefully see you there.
    Lots of love
    Rosie XXX

  2. HEY Thought I’d left a msg but obviously I hadn’t.

    Well done you – you’re amazing!
    Hope to see you soon – you going to the cousin’s thing?

    Hope the course is going well? You got exams or is it coursework orientated?

    I have exams in a few weeks, so hopefully after will have to come to London and meet up and have a celebratory drink or 2.

    love lucy x x x

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