4 thoughts on “In the meantime, a musical interlude

  1. Ok George darling,

    Do yourself a favour, check the docs aren’t putting ‘happy juice’ in your IV, ok? Hee, hee!

    Stay strong!

  2. george, n so tu..ma a me il commento di “Fi” mi ha fatto ridere davvero un sacco!ihihihihihihihihihih



  3. hello gorgeousness!!!! I LOOOVVVEE YOU!!! Miss you to pieces, and v.sad to read that you’ve been having a tricky time of shitty chemo etc. of late. But as you will no doubt be fully aware, there are so many people thinking of you and sending all their love (needless to say I’m one of them). 2006!! Man that’s exciting!!! Actually, I was wondering about coming down soon? Is this feasible? Seems like things are pretty variable for you on a day-to-day basis. But if you think that within a 3 day period you may feel well enough for some Lindsey-loving then let me know. I think I’ll try phoning you tomorrow night, so watch yourself!
    Thinking of you always,
    all my love,
    Linds x x x

  4. Glad to see you’ve been practising your accent George, just in case you might need it for a future run at the Hackney Empire….

    Keep singing, lots of love


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