Well, the vinblastine has been fine so far – possibly because we forgot the steroids (prednisolone), which I was meant to have at the same time as the chemo (for 5 days)… It’s delightful not to have a sore jaw etc, because I felt really rubbish last time. I’m now on the second day of the steroids, after some debate about whether it was still worth having them. My intrathecal chemo (cytarabine) is on Wednesday, but I’m not too worried about that. It all depends on the doctor, and how quickly they find the gap.

I had a great night out last week to celebrate/commemorate one of the nurse’s leaving the Day Unit (she was only on a 6-month contract to cover maternity leave) – I get on very well with Sophie and will miss her on Ruth Myles, but fortunately now we’ve connected socially I’m sure we’ll be meeting up in the Real World… The evening involved dinner at a Wagamama-esque restaurant in South Wimbledon with plenty of other Ruth Myles staff, and then a very amusing trip to Inferno’s with some of Sophie’s uni nursing friends: I had a great time, possibly because Sophie matched my lunatic dancing!

Otherwise I’ve been very busy finishing off ‘The Malteser’ and doing some more research work for Jim Naughtie – some trickier stuff this time, but it’s interesting, and will at least bring in a little money! I also need to prepare properly for an interview on Tuesday, and have been sending out a great many OMV emails. There are lots of OMV activities happening over the next few months: I’d love to get involved in all of them but life looks pretty busy nowadays:

  • Edinburgh (from 30th March til 3rd/4th April) chez Harriet
  • Downside (5th – 8th April) for the Easter Retreat
  • Italy (12th – 19th April) to see Mariacristina and Freddie
  • OMV Health and Safety Meeting (19th April) and AGM (22nd April)
  • Chichester Observer (23rd-27th April) for work experience

So there’s lots going on! After all that, I’m hoping to move up to London, though that isn’t confirmed yet. I’ll need to find a job of some description to pay my rent, but a lot depends on my interview this Tuesday.

It’s all very exciting, and I continue to think how wonderful it is to be able to do all this.

14 thoughts on “Keep up, keep up

  1. …bel post:-)è gioia allo stato puro leggere di tutte le cose che sono in vista(beh, il 98% le conoscevo già, ma lette cosi sul blog fa un certo effetto…da ufficiose quali erano, sembrano essere diventate ufficiali, il che non gusta…vista dalla mia prospettiva…).

    italy: 14-18 mi riguarda molto da vicino…;-)non sembra vero, avevamo programmato questa vacanza precisamente nel lontanissimo settembre 2005…come si dice?”dreams can come true”(gabrielle ha dato qst titolo ad una sua canzone…;-)battute a parte, spero di cuore che sarà una vacanza promettente…ce la meritiamo…:-)e sai, ci metto la mano sul fuoco che come sempre…sarà fantastico…:-)

    mi manchi più dell’aria..tratterrò il respiro fino al 14


  2. Giorgio..anch’io non vedo l’ora di vederti..sembrará un sogno, ma veramente non é cosi..VERAMENTE STAI VENENDO..oh giorgio, arriva il giorno che io aspettavo da dicembere..oh giorgio..non lo credo.ayah…


  3. non so perchè….ma mi sento presa leggermente in giro…:-)cos’è?una parodia del mio commento?e lo sfottitore/trice non si è neanche firmato…mmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm…se ti becco…lol…

  4. Hello!
    Lucky you going to Italy! I am very jealous. I am stuck here in Oxford at the moment, studying for finals, a most silly silly thing. I have been suffering of crazy law dreams for the past couple of weeks. Not good. I wish I didn’t wake up every morning exhausted by some really intense contract dreams…I am home to Brussels next Wednesday which I am very much looking forward to. Alessandro is coming too, so I can introduce him to Belgian Easter traditions (if there are any?!). He said he would take a colomba di pasqua with him:)
    I hope you are well and enjoing all you are up to.

  5. Hi George,

    Hope your interview went well – was it for the application form you filled in at our house?? Let us know how you get on.


    Rosie, James and Sam XX

  6. Sai amore,credo che non ascolterò mai più Gabrielle….!!!!Porta sfiga

    Miss you…I look forward to seeing you in London..erm…in xii days?


  7. amore???mi dispiace, ma è più forte di me….meno 11:-))))))))))))))))!!!

    I can’t wait to see you…mi raccomando, mi aspetto che tu faccia un bel pò di palestra ed avere così abbastanza muscoli per respingere i miei abbracci,perchè ti assicuro che saranno tanti e duraturi:-)

    Lovissimo infinito


  8. Dear George, it is so long since I have dropped a line but everything looks so exciting and you have very little free time. Hope the job interview went very well and enjoy your work experience. You will probably able to show them a thing or two as well! NO doubt the trip to see Freddie and Maricristina (sp) was wonderful and it must have been so nice to leave the UK after such a challenging year.
    Take care and lots of love
    Melanie xx

  9. si amore, è proprio vero, è stata una vacanza bellissima qui in Italia, non avrei mai immaginato che potesse andare così bene…Ti ricordi a Sorrento quanto ci siamo divertiti?Che risate sull’aliscafo con gli schizzi d’acqua sui nostri volti, per non parlare dei bellissimi tramonti che abbiamo osservato dal terrazzo che affacciava proprio sul Vesuvio…momenti indimenticabili….:-)?Resteranno indelebili nella mia mente…

    Che vacanza…così speciale che mi sembra troppo bella per essere vera..quasi quasi ho l’impressione di non averla vissuta…chissà perchè!


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