Oops – it’s been four days since I posted, which at first I put down to not having anything to say, but then I remembered my trip to the hospital on Friday…

It was a long day (my Dad and I left at about 8am and got back at about 7:30pm), but a pleasant one. I had to go in for kidney and blood tests, which happened at some point in the morning, and showed that my haemoglobin was a bit low. I wasn’t surprised, as I’d been very lethargic last week, so it was good to get the boost of a blood transfusion that afternoon. Otherwise I think the tests were fine.

I also introduced my father to the delights of Peabody’s, purveyors of the best coffee in St George’s (and decent panini too), and discovered that it’s also the place to be, as I bumped into several people I knew (one former RMU SHO, one OMV doctor, one RMU nurse). Hurrah! I also met some lovely new people in the Daycare unit, which is a far more sociable place than the ward.

The trip also gave me a chance to clear up exactly what’s going on now, which I made the most of by having an incredibly confusing conversation with my consultant and registrar… I think I got there eventually, and currently this is how it stands:

  • On Tuesday I’m going to the Royal Marsden, Sutton to meet a consultant and discuss when I’ll be going to them (for radiotherapy as part of the autograft, though I’m not sure how long I’ll be there).
  • I will be seeing the transplant consultant at St George’s either on 13th March, or possibly sooner if he has a spare moment. We’ll discuss dates etc for the stem cell harvest and autograft.
  • Only then will I have my final dose of methotrexate and asparaginase.
  • At the optimum moment (maybe 10 days / a couple of weeks) I’ll have my stem cells harvested.
  • Some time after that (a month or two??) I’ll have my autograft.

That’s as much as I know at the moment, and as you see there’s quite a lot, particularly regarding dates, still up in the air. There are a few thinsg I really would like to be out of hospital for, namely Tomandalice’s wedding (1st April), the Easter Retreat at Downside (13th-16th April) and my graduation (6th May), but we’ll have to see…

Since (and before) Friday I haven’t been up to much. Resting and relaxing as ever… I’ll update more often again, though my subject matter could end up being anything when I’m not actually having treatment. I’ll try to think of a joke for next time.

11 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. George, you are up very late at night, hope you had a very good sleep after posting your blog. Have just returned from another day at work and like to see how you are. Things are moving along for you at the moment and we hope that all continues according to plan.Sounds very social at the hospital but it must be nice to be out enjoying the delights of real coffee and non hospital foods.
    Take care
    Love Melanie. (Yes and hi to Caroline too)

  2. You write so well George that this cousin will keep this brief (hi to Caroline too btw!). Thanks to you and Gina M (cos she got us all organised) went to a preview of Capote in aid of A Nolan Trust at the glam Soho Hotel recently with some other coz too.

    Keep up with your superb positive approach to your illness & look forward to seeing you at one of these such screenings later in the year.
    Love Amanda

  3. Hey George,
    That sure sounds like progress; hope it feels like it to you. Who OMV did you see?

    Life here is ho hum but at the mo but at least it gives me time & chance to write.

    Don’t you worry about not writing much Darl, just keep us posted as to how you’re doing & write whatever the HECK else you like!

    Love & huggles


  4. hello!
    we are hear to give you some more cousin love!!!!!
    its good to hear that most of the tests were fine and that you went home for a bit! Jess did her flute exam and we all think she did fine. Nina is not well but she is doing the same as you..sleeping, drinking juice, sleeping…… and Grace…um…nothing much is happening to her exept she has a lot of HW!!!
    we hope to see you at Tom and Alices wedding as we havnt seen you for ages!! and we miss your smiles and songs!
    lots of love
    Jess,Grace and Nina!!
    from Singapore!!!(cousin Power!)

  5. George- What gorgeous sounding cousins you have!Hope home was wonderful and you had a well-deserved rest, lots of love for the next round of consultants etc etc.Was in London this weekend, sorry to miss you again,am always down at rubbish times!
    Lots of love,prayers,xxxxxxxxxx

  6. gday george, thanks for all the news. glad you’ve found some good company and coffee. its raining here… hooray!God Bless !
    all send love
    caroline xx

  7. hey george!!!
    great to hear all the news george, mum just showed me your website! good luck for all your appointments.
    As of monday the 6th iam offically a student at central queensland university (cqu), stuyding nursing which i also hear harri is taking up in september!
    lost of love being sent your way
    hannah xxx(cus)

  8. .. just stepping in before the cousins takeover your blog completely(grace has been reminded no blogging til after homework!…but then i suppose you are an exception to this rule..you read it here)-lovely to be part of such a network.thankyou george for connecting us all.
    goodluck indeed with RMH,hope they can give you a clearer plan soon-any trouble and i shall interfere.sorry to say sutton not known for its culinary delights so byo.hilariousx

  9. George,

    Just wanted to tell you that thanks to your wonderful speech at a Downside open day ny son is now at Downside and is so happy.It means so much to us as I am at present fighting cancer and without the support of your alma mater I dont know where we would be . Bless you

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