Following on remarkably coherently from my last post, I thought I’d encourage you to help my father raise money for the new Cancer Day Unit at St Richard’s Hospital… Or, as he put it:

Excuse me emailing you with a begging bowl, but I am raising money for St Richard’s Hospital Charitable Trust in recognition of the support they have given my family, and would really welcome your support.

Please take a moment to visit my online fundraising page and make a donation. It’s really easy – you can donate by credit or debit card at the following address:

He’s walking somewhere nice, and it sounds very pleasant, but it’s all for a good cause, so do drop some pennies in if you can.

I don’t want this blog to be filled with plea after plea for charitable donations, but both this and Jess’s London marathon for the Anthony Nolan Trust (you can still donate at if you’re interested) are causes pretty close to my heart (well, close to my entire blood system, really), so I wanted to mention them.

“What was that address again?” I hear you cry. Well:

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