Well, it’s the weekend, and I’ve drifted home. All in all, the past week was ok in terms of side effects and feeling rough. Admittedly once or twice I felt a bit grotty, but it wasn’t too bad and soon passed. Apparently the effects are cumulative, though, so it’s quite likely I’ll feel a bit worse as the doses continue.

It’s nice to be home and to relax; at the moment it’s just me and my dad, but I think Fred’s coming back this evening. I won’t see too much of him, though, as I’m planning to head along to the traditional OMV end-of-pilgrimage farewell at a pub in London tomorrow, so will be leaving at about lunchtime. Apart from the joy of seeing lots of friends and hearing all about how it went this year, it’ll be lovely that I probably won’t look any more ill and tired than they do!

Talking about tired, now is an opportune moment to remind you that the Old Gregorian team of Will Edwards, Henry Trowbridge and James and Ollie Lombard are cycling the Camino de Santiago de Compostela very soon indeed. Now they’ll probably be tired, too, by the end, particularly as the weather forecast is “hot” and “damn hot”. If you haven’t sponsored them yet, please consider doing so at their fundraising site, and if you’re not sure why you should, the first post of their blog explains in very good detail, as well as being very complimentary to me! Therefore, of course, I highly recommend you read it, and follow it avidly as they roll their sweaty way across the north of Spain.

In short
Give them money: here!
Follow their progress: here!

I think it’s also probably time I told you all what that disgusting-looking concoction I posted the other day was meant to be. According to the menu, it was… chicken soup! A couple of people got it or were close enough, but I’m afraid I’m short of prizes to dish out. What actually went into it is beyond even my realm of knowledge, but I’m sure some others among you may have been pretty close…

2 thoughts on “Not all cyclists need testosterone patches

  1. Bellezza…rieccomi dopo una lunga lunga assenza….
    beh, ho controllato il sito dei tuoi amici,sono da ammirare…e senza dubbio da finanziare:-)

    finalmente hai svelato cosa si trovava in quel piatto….beh, avresti potuto dirmelo in anteprima….considerato che iniziavo a sognarlo la notte….;-)

    cmq io ho toppato….pollo?beh….n lo avrei mai detto;-)

    vabbè…ora scappo…mi stai aspettando in chat…;-)


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