Those of a nervous disposition, those who do not care to see my nude torso and those whose constitutions cannot handle the sight of a tube entering a chest might not enjoy this post so much. Having visited the Marsden in order to discuss my TBI (Total Body Irradiation), give my consent for it and take the first step in the planning of it, I decided the best way to give you some information would, of course, be to take my top off and show you where I’m at. The last picture I posted didn’t really tell 1000 words, but these should be a bit more informative. Here, therefore, are a couple of annotated pictures:


  1. In the centre of these two crosses are tattooed dots – I’d never planned to have any tattoos, but life takes unexpected turns…
  2. The crosses were used, with x-rays and lasers, to work out where my lungs are and measure the distances in preparation for the radiotherapy.
  3. This is where my Hickman line enters my chest, and then bloodstream.
  4. These two lumens provide easy access to my bloodstream, to take blood out and put things in (eg hydration, chemotherapy, blood products, antibiotics) through my Hickman line.
  5. This is where I had my PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) lines – hence the scars.
  6. Love-handles.
  7. My hair’s growing back, though it doesn’t seem very thick yet. The radiotherapy should make it all fall out again.

The planning today was to find the spots where they will measure me up to find out what doses of radiotherapy I will need. The lungs are the most sensitive to it, so the dosage is based on what can be done without damaging them. The crosses were just for measurements, so I’ll now wash them off, but the tattoos are permanent, and will provide the starting points when I do get measured for dosage (on Friday 7th April).

If you’re a fan of lines, as I am (getting a new one is always like getting a new toy, which is why I didn’t really mind having four different lines within a few weeks at one point), you might like a better look at the Hickman, so here it is.

The scar just above the curled tube is where the line specialist (the lovely Michaela) first put the tube into the vein, before tunneling it back to where it comes out…I think. I was a bit confused about that bit, but anyway.

The dressing gets changed regularly and means that I can have showers without ruining it; it also of course keeps it protected from the scary outside world of bugs etc.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned that photos of me having the Acute Central line I had (similar to the Hickman but not quite as serious, I think) put in might appear on a poster at some point… What fun!

16 thoughts on “Nudity; tattoos; graffiti; lines…

  1. Everyone should have love-handles!

    I think you can set off a new craze for tattoos, the new David Beckham! And it was deinifetly a hand ball by Drogba.

    Lots of love & hugs

  2. The handball is indisputable. Can we get a photo of Fred online, just to show what real love handles look like?

  3. Drogba himself admitted it was handball, claiming, “that’s football” – technically it’s not, Didier. Anyway, we can put that discussion to bed.

    Fred’s love handles might scare off the punters. But we might get a photo of him online. But only if you shed your anonymity, Mr/Ms Anonymous…

  4. Yay! Topless Nortons! Bring it on…
    (By the way, it wasn’t me being anonymous, I have no shame!)

  5. Looking good cuz, tattoos are trendy. V much looking forward to seeing you saturday, till then take care please
    LOL Marie-Soph x x x

  6. Hi gorgeous, now you could play join the dots whenever you want! Fun Fun.
    Hope you are having a good week of football and family.
    Take care

  7. Tattoos, you rebel… are you sure you weren’t tempted to ask them to put a mermaid on your bum while they were at it?!

    HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!! Placement two has drawn to an end, no more horrible commute!!! YIPPEE!!!! One more essay to mark and I am off!

    Lots of love, will come in and see you pronto.

    x x Miss G

  8. All this talk of love-handles.. Hmmmm.. I think Fred has a very trim and gorgeous body, one we should all strive towards obtaining.. However I have a funny feeling Mr.Anonymous may have some handles and is merely jelous..

  9. Adam, how can you talk about lines when there are love handles to be discussed?!

    I would like to say George that yours a very lovely set and that you are the perfect specimen for surface anatomy lessons… so beware, I may need to use your body for revision at some point in the future!

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