I know it’s been a while since my last post,
On which you’ve all suggested great ideas
To pass the time when ill (it feels like years);
I’ve pondered which suggestion I like most.
So thank you all: there’s much I may well try,
From learning something new to writing stuff –
The latter, though, is likely to be tough
(I’m writing this in iambs, by the by).

In other news, there’s little to report
Except my neutrophils, which have arrived!
The count is 0.6: enough indeed
To see me home anon – a lovely thought.
Since Monday, when they reappeared, they’ve thrived:
Perhaps I’ll get the time out that I need.

5 thoughts on “Sonnet I

  1. I like that post. It fits in with my line
    In my own blog, but with your own rhyme scheme.
    I tried that once, I think, to parse a dream
    In metre, when I’d drunk far too much wine:
    They seem to disconnect, rhymes built like these,
    What starts out as Petrarchan, but goes off,
    Replacing ABBA ABBA with a cough
    And tickle, but with pleasing harmonies.

    The ABCABC, then, of the sestet
    Also presents a distant jangle, thus,
    Because the rhymes are laid so far apart,
    As if the thoughts joined there had never met.
    Still, try a few more rounds of this on us,
    And we’ll dismiss the craft, and praise the art.

  2. Your ability to amuse and entertain us from the Hermitage never ceases to amaze. I am certainly unable to reply in such florid terms. I’m sure that whatever you decide to do to fritter away some hours whilst holed up there will be a good read for us supporters . Great that the neuts have started to rise, about time too!!
    Loved the Birthday photo and delighted that it was such fun. the orange friend seemed very happy to be given your bed, did his colour improve after some of the birthday bubbly?
    thinking of you.
    Much love
    Melanie and Graham

  3. Fab George, well done and go and rest at home, enjoy sitting in the sun there – you deserve every bit of it.
    Lots of love xxx

  4. Super news George! Enjoy being home when you get there, maintain the neuts & DO keep keep working on that plan for world domination; the world would be a much nicer place with you in charge!

    (Shh, don’t tell the CIA I said this, but you’ve already got one up on that soppy Bush fella, you can say nuclear & he can’t!)

    If there’s anything you want from France, or anything you need me to do for you while I’m there, just call or txt me if you can. I’ll see to it, no probs, ok?

    Love ya to pieces.


    PS Claire, who I just got off the phone with is super impressed neuts wise to!

  5. Dearest George
    Glad to hear that youll be heading home soonish for some R&R, well needed for sure to recharge the body and soul. Hopefully Southbourne will salute you with sunshine…….
    Meanwhile Downunder, here at least, its raining, v welcome as ever tho Doug not pleased to miss rugby.
    Take care, LOVE & THOUGHTS always………xxxxxxxxxx
    from Caroline and Aussie cousins

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