Just quickly: I went to St Richard’s this morning and had a full blood test (as well as getting the stitches attaching my Hickman line to my chest removed, as was due). The results? Well, apart from a white cell count of 2.6, a platelets count of 56 and a haemoglobin count of 9.9, I have 1.2 (x10^9) neutrophils! So I’m now officially ready for the next chemo. However, there’s no room inn St George’s… So I shan’t be going in today. Or tomorrow. But I could be going in any time after that.

Having over 1 (x10^9) neutrophil(s?) means I am not neutropaenic! Hurrah! So I might just enjoy the delights of the Emsworth Garden Show, at which rumour has it there might be ice-cream. Harriet’s working there and trying to burn herself in the blazing sunshine. She’s currently very entertainingly patterned, thanks to her Birkenstocks and t-shirt.

5 thoughts on “The Return of Neutro Phil

  1. Great stuff, George, glad the shortbread did the trick. By the way, I know which is which in the photo – do I get the prize?



  2. Great for the neuts. Keep enjoying the sunshine and the Emsworth Flower Show is looking good.
    The striped feet look says a lot about the weather at the moment!!
    Love to all .
    Melanie xx

  3. Hey this Harri’s freind from Uni, Frankie (from Oxford), great pic of harri’s feet! I now propose a summers competition for the craziest tan lines!! I will send Harri monthly updates from Canada!

    Great to see your neutro things have increased, all the best

    Frankie xx

  4. Great news about the neuts. Try & stay as cool & hydrated as you can.

    Into London yesterday to see ‘Billy Elliot – The musical’ (it was fab), but went to mass in Westminister Cathedral so your candle this week is beside ‘The Old Man’ in HQ. Hopefully the extra loud ‘nagging’ will help!

    Love as always,

  5. George darling, considering that you have nothing to do, you should almost be as tanned as me! Glad to hear that Neutro and Phil are back in residence. Did you see Mummy and my now unemployed Daddy at Lizzie’s Show? Will tell all when I next call. Love you to Pluto and beyond…. C x x

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