George was looking and feeling much better this morning, and his breathing rate was more normal, so all those prayers and storming heaven did some good! We had a comprehensive brief from the (outgoing) consultant and have a high confidence that George will pull through, though there is still a hill to climb before we can breathe a sigh of relief. I was wrong in saying that there was an infection on his Hickmann line – they found an infection in his blood which they identified from samples taken through his Hickmann line; they removed the line as a precaution. This was, they think, a gut bug which penetrated his system when his defenses were low – they think there is also a chest bug which is being combatted.
More news tonight.

13 thoughts on “This morning brought a smile..

  1. Oh little man!!! Big big love to youse – sounds like it’s been a pretty dramatic coupla days…

    Hope you’re now flushed of nasty bugs and getting back to your wee fighting self…

    hygenic hugs and antiseptic kisses


  2. Saying the Order prayer over & over last night was a good plan then; note to self: apply to other yucky areas of life as required.

    THANK GOD (literally)! Keep on keeping on.

    LYL (Love You Loads)


  3. Dearest George
    BRAVO ! and to the Norton Army
    love and prayers from Buckleys one and All.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. George

    Lots of love and thoughts from me, sorry to hear about the setback, I’d be there fighting the bug***s off myself if I could!

    Lots of love


  5. George, George, George,
    Keep up the fighting. I am praying lots for you, as I know others are.
    Will be there with you as soon as is possible.
    Lots of love and take care.
    Ellie xxx

  6. George..lo dicevo io che sei un combattente autentico!!!Hai forza da vendere!ok..ora posso fare un sospiro di sollievo..n troppo siamo sulla buona strada per farne uno bello grande!
    Allora stanotte le mie preghiere sono state scoltate da qualcuno…non c’è dubbio a riguardo.
    Ancora un bello sforzo e poi andrà meglio, eh?

    Un abbraccio grande quanto la circonferenza del globo terrestre!

    con affetto sincero e smisurato


  7. oh I’m so relieved you’re a bit better today – I think I’ve been holding my breath for about two days now… Love you and your banjo and even titch. X

  8. Hi George,

    Keep on fighting – you have the strength and will to get through this!!!

    You are in our prayers. Sending lots of love your way!

    Love Rosie, James and Lump (Harriet’s name – ask her!!!)

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