Right, I’m heading back to Tooting tomorrow morning to get cracking with the next batch of chemo, as there is now a bed available for me. I could have gone this afternoon after all, but given that I’ll start the chemo at the same time either way, I decided an extra night at home sounded too tempting, particularly as that’s what I had now been expecting! I do feel more ready to go back now, and will have to work out what will keep me best amused for the next week. My big question is whether they’ve got the internet going again yet… I really do hope so. Otherwise I’ll be blogging from my mobile, I expect!

It was good to watch the football last night, and reminded me that while in ITU I managed to watch the FA Cup Final, or at least bits of it. It was a funny experience, though – being very tired and with my body and mind not working very well, I saw the game in a very different way to how I usually see it… It looked like an 8-a-side game, and seemed to be being played incredibly slowly. I was telling myself it was possibly the worst game of football I’d ever seen, so I was then surprised to hear the commentators say that it was the best Cup Final in recent history. The footballers looked awful: everything was so laboured and the pitch was too small. I also dropped off a couple of times when key goals went in. I think. It was a surreal experience. I also remember getting more and more frustrated, because I wanted to watch the whole match and see the end result, but I was tired and confused and wanted it to finish sooner rather than later. So extra time and penalties weren’t what I was hoping for… For the same reason (but just because I was very tired), when watching the Champions League final back in RMU, I was happy Barcelona’s second goal went in, despite the fact that I wanted Arsenal to win. I wanted to get to sleep and extra time would have stopped that!

This amused me:

2 thoughts on “Thursday to St George’s; funny FA Cup Final

  1. V Funny notice!!
    Its also very exciting because i have just had my first driving lesson, i thought it went quite well even if i stalled once….or twice!!
    i’m also very happy to have been ‘accepted’ again for Lourdes – sadly many of my shafters friends haven’t been so lucky.
    Anyway – i hope you’ve got back to St George’s feeling a bit more refreshed & revived,
    we sent loads of good luck for this next ‘phase’.
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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