So here I am, back in room 9 (phone: 2568) of the RMU at St George’s. I had a brief sojourn in room 2, but the kindly nurses moved me when somebody moved out of here, knowing I was rather fond of having the interweb at my fingertips (the wireless signal doesn’t reach room 2). So that was close, but now I’m back online: hurrah!

We lunched at Ferrari’s: yum yum etc. Interestingly, I’ve been there four times, have always been with my father and one other (Tom, Alice, Harriet, Sue), and have always sat in the same seat at the same table. A creature of habit, perhaps? It still comes much recommended, though I had the painful dilemma today of whether to go for the Insalata Caprese (I think they called it something different, in fact, but anyway), which of course had buffalo mozzarella, but was only a starter. Wanting to make sure I had a decent-sized meal before returning to the joys of hospital food, but being a little pressed for time (shurely not my fault for not getting up early enough?) and yet not hungry enough for a starter and something else, I had to let it go… Sniff sniff. Maybe next time.

Talking about pain (it was a painful dilemma, remember?), I got to the hospital, waited in room 2 and soon the doctor appeared, declaring that he was going to do a bone marrow test pronto. Agh! Bone marrow tests, in case anybody has forgotten, huuuuuuuurt. So he went and got the enormous needles etc that he needed, and questioned upon his return, “So they didn’t tell you about the bone marrow today?” I think that was best though, as otherwise I would have been dreading it: instead I only had about ten minutes to remember and fear how much it hurts. Since the anticipation is often the worst part of pain, that was good news. What’s more, I didn’t even pose the question of whether or not I could have sedation, because I figured that would be more hassle for Samar (the doctor) and I knew it would be over soon enough. I was even – bizarrely – quite interested in just how much it did hurt, since the last unsedated one I had was ages ago.

The test reminded me that it does really hurt very very much. But perhaps not quite as much as the first time (they didn’t need to chop off bone this time, which makes a difference), or at least as much as I remembered. Perhaps it’s because the first one grew even more painful in my memory, or perhaps I’m getting a bit more used to pain. Certainly I felt remarkably blasé considering it might be my least favourite thing in the world. Let’s not get carried away, though: it still might be my least favourite thing in the world.

Actually, forget that. Hospital food wins hands down. I was hoping I might be ready to eat some of it again this time, but I couldn’t even smell it without losing all desire to eat and gaining a great desire to throw up instead. Yeugh. Though I suppose if somehow a bone marrow aspirate magically could fulfil my nutritional needs (or at least, as many of them as hospital food does, so perhaps not many), it would be a close call as to which I’d go for. Probably the food, as my pelvis is still sore and I only didn’t die of pain because I knew I wouldn’t need one in the too near future. I hope. Food still wins, though, perhaps because it’s so constant.

So, I’m online, I’ve watched The Apprentice and I’ve even had my first guest! It’s been a fairly busy and interesting day, all in all. Tonight I’ll get hydration (perhaps with bits in: I forget) from 4am, and tomorrow I have the methodrexate, an anti-PSP (type of pneumonia) inhalation, as well as a few bits and bobs to check my heart, kidneys and lungs in preparation for the transplant.

Gosh, I’m actually a terribly busy man. Guests and calls still most welcome, though not the former without the latter first please.

9 thoughts on “Toot toot… hang on, what’s that needle for?!

  1. george, il mio inglese peggiora giorno dopo giorno…ragion per cui non ho capito cosa hai mangiato al ristorante…caprese???:-)
    sono stata davvero contenta di vedere che hai ottenuto una stanza con la connessione ad internet!ci speravo tanto!conta davvero molto poter essere aggiornati costantemente su ciò che accade…

    notte notte



  2. Geroge, you’re so brave – sitting reading this in work almost made me pass out (well, I never claimed to be hardy), and there you are having nasty huge needles stuck in you with no sedation.

    Many many hugs

    hannah xx

  3. George,

    I’m sure your time in Smythe in no way prepared you for all those needles, but if it is all that horrible (as any Smythian will tell you) it must be good for you! (suffer for Smythe, well…not really!)

    Bumped into Tom in that most sociable of places – Fleet services on the M3 – last friday! Strange.

    Glad to hear you sounding so ubeat about all this. Wishing you all the best.

    Hamish Campbell

  4. Thinking of you at this ghastly time. What, no sedation, ugh!
    Keep up the amazing spirits.
    Lots of love and thoughts
    Melanie and family.xxxxx

  5. Hey george,

    Hope you’re all settled into your new room – its great you have computer access again. Any requests??

    22 days till Tom and Alice’s wedding and counting!!

    Sending more cousin love!!

    lots of love
    & huge hugs

    the Bolton Rapp’s x x x x x

  6. bring on the sedation baby!! ugh… made me feel all tingly and weird reading about the big scary needle… hope you’re less reactiony today. am writing SU manifesto, not really very fun, would much rather still be in bed. XX

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