The last time my (original Norton) family was all together was at my and Mariacristina’s wedding in July 2011. Until yesterday, that is, when we had a delightful afternoon all together in my room on the Ruth Myles Unit. Sadly my nephew and godson Peter is at an age where they recommend he doesn’t come on the ward,as 2-year-olds carry lots of bugs without knowing it, but my siblings, my dad, Mariacristina and Sue had a lot of fun with him, too, pre- and during their visit.

It was wonderful to see everyone (though Harriet’s husband Dunc and Fred’s girlfriend Kelly unfortunately weren’t here), and I’m proud to have brought the family together again, although they insisted that relapsing with ALL was a bit of an extreme way to do it…

Alice (+1), Harriet (+2), Fred, George, Andrew, Mariacristina, Tom
“The sentries report Nortons to the southwest. Thousands of them”
Tom, George, Fred, Harriet, Andrew (my father)
Original Nortons
Alice and Harriet squashing George with their baby bumps
Alice’s and Harriet’s babies give me a squeeze…
George squashed by Fred's and Tom's bellies
George hugging Mariacristina
A cuddle at last with the masked woman!
Andrew (my father) carrying Peter
Peter and his grandfather

5 thoughts on “We are Family

  1. Loving the nortons all together much live from rapps who were all together this weekend for Joseph’s 4th birthday party (super hero side play!!) much love x

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