This morning poor George was SO tired that he had started to become delirious – I still not sure whether I convinced him that I was real and not just in his dream! We had 3 doctors try to convince him! He was under the delusion that the Intensive Care Unit had become a Tennis Centre – I suppose ‘intensive’ and ‘tennis’ could easily be confused by a mega-tired brain. Despite the confusion, the news is that everything is getting better, except the neutrofils which need to start building up before they will let him out of ITU and his protein which has been depleted by all this hard work fighting the bugs. One antibiotic has been changed to target more precisely one of the bugs.
Father Peter looked in during a spell when we thought George was sleeping at last, and said a Hail Mary – whereupon George crossed himself!
Keep on praying!

6 thoughts on “What, where, who?

  1. didn’t think I’d be amused by blog postings for a while yet but that one made me laugh out loud – a tennis center! love it! poor old georgie… how confusing. keep it up darling, you are super tough – I’m well impressed, some might even say; you the man, YOU THE MAAAAN! X

  2. George, George, George! Get some sleep & let the docs take the strain for a while; maybe some music will help you all rest? is a radio or something possible?

    Sweet Dreams Darling.

  3. Oh George, so impressed by how well you’re doing… as Jo says you are THE MAN!
    Also, big thanks to all the Nortons for keeping us all so well updated; it’s been hugely appreciated and I’ve been checking the blog as much as I can get away with without being thrown off my placement…
    Muchos love to you all,
    Robyn xxxxxxxx

  4. PS – Spoke to Row earlier this evening and she is in the middle of nowhere with no internet but sends masses of love, hugs, kisses etc to all the Nortons too xxxxxxxxx

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