Lucy's and Harriet's bumps squeezing blasts out from George

Well, that was quick. A mere three days ago, I wasn’t even neutropaenic. Now I have 0.0 neutrophils (neutropaenic is below 1.0), and a lack of white blood cells to match (0.1, compared to a normal range of 4-11). Platelets are way down, too, at 12 (normal is 150-450). All to be expected if you pump your blood full of super-aggressive chemicals!

What surprised me is that my haemoglobin (Hb) count is at 90 (normal 130 to 180); I’m feeling very weary today and assumed it would be lower – although of course 90 is already more than enough to have ruled out my swinging from the bedside lamp like a jungle VIP. There’s not much jungle, either: my physical world has now shrunk to the limits of my room, although as a special treat I sometimes go on a trip to the bathroom.

Just in case the heavy-duty ultra-intensity super-chemo is not enough, I also had the power of the bumps – Harriet’s and Lucy’s growing babies – to try to squeeze out as many lymphoblasts yesterday… That’s probably the real reason why my counts are low. Lucy was here with her sister (and of course my fellow cousin) Rosie, and it was delightful to see them both.

I’m pleased I’ve managed to keep my brain awake long enough for this post, but my luxury four-poster continues to beckon and I reckon it might be time for another nap… Hell, why not – it’s the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Wipeout

  1. Hi George! So good to read all your posts And keep up with how you are, tho sorry you have to feel so wiped out…. Lets hope those bonny baby bumps cheered you along !
    So pleased that Harriet able to come over… Love n hugs n prayers from all xxxx

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