My lovely friend Jessica Otte is running the London Marathon (this Sunday) for the Anthony Nolan Trust, and you can sponsor her at – there are at least three very good reasons to do this:

1. The Anthony Nolan Trust (which I have mentioned before, albeit a long time ago) is a wonderful cause – it always needs more people on its bone marrow register and deserves all the support it can get. I haven’t needed an unrelated bone marrow yet, but it’s always a possibility, and many lives have been saved by the Anthony Nolan Trust.

2. The London Marathon is very long and very hard – I walked about seven miles the other day and was exhausted… The marathon is, of course 26 miles, and it’s run. That’s seriously tough.

3. Jess is a lovely girl: everyone should sponsor her!

So don’t hesitate, get over to and pledge some money! Jess is targeting £1500, and every penny will count.

PS I intend to post lots more over the next day or two, having not done so for ages… I have lots to talk about. But first of all, sponsor Jess.

One thought on “A marathon for bone marrow!

  1. :-)AMORE, ci ho provato, ma ho trovato un piccolo ostacolo sulla mia strada, conto di risolverlo con il tuo aiuto dopo…



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