At the end of the day, George hasn’t quite made it back to Ruth Myles Unit – well, Gobby wasn’t on duty! Actually it was because he needed platelets (which help the blood to clot) before they could remove some of the tubes he currently has, which are plumbed into arteries. Unfortunately, he had run dry the stocks of his preferred brand at St George’s and so they had to send out for a takeaway from another hospital, which did not arrive until about 8pm. It was therefore decided by the incredibly nice staff in Intensive Care that they wanted to keep George for themselves until tomorrow (Wednesday). So it now looks like they will yield him up Wed pm. George is hoping for a really good night’s sleep as he had little, verging on zero, last night again, and we all know that he needs at least 10 hours sleep a day!
As he is so tired, I don’t recommend any non-family visitors yet, but will let you know when he is ready, and what his number is. But I’m sure he would welcome cards to Ruth Myles Unit!
We are all pretty shattered too and needing a rest, despite not doing very much apart from sitting around in Intensive Care – well, I did nip up to Stevenage for a couple of work meetings Monday/Tuesday as well.
Again many thanks for all your support and prayers.

7 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. Hope the sleep came and you feel more refreshed today. Can we have the address of the hospital including post code please?
    Love to all
    Melanie. xxx

  2. Just to save the tired Nortons some typing, hospital address as follows:

    Ruth Myles Unit
    St. James Building
    St. George’s Hospital
    Blackshaw Rd
    SW17 0QT

  3. Hi !
    Amazing fortitude George plus all the prayers….well done,and to the Norton support team.hope SLEEP finds you in a major way.Our computer crashed so thankfully on Cam’s now.
    Clare and I on a 20 hr sponsored walk this w/e,Relay for Life,for cancer research,so we’ll carry you along with us.
    All our sunny Queensland love always, Caroline ad Buckley cous,s xxxxxxxxxx

  4. So glad to read that you are on the way up again – but that does leave me in a slightly awkward position. Having asked, nay begged, well actually threatened the unpleasant little tykes at All Hallows to plague the heavens with their prayers, do I now have to tell them that it worked? That means saying ‘thank you’ to children . . . but I’m a teacher and I think that’s breaking the rules.

    Just keep improving and I’ll keep it quiet around the Somerset area . . .

    love from us both
    P & R

  5. Hey….ce l abbiamo fatta….ora sono dottoressa in relaz int e diplomatiche!ci tenevo a condividere qst momento con te,ti devo tanto…
    è stata una giornata piena di forti emozioni che ora volge al termine.sei stato sempre nei miei pensieri e stasera sarai nelle mie preghiere.

    con immenso affetto


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