George managed another night with sleep, this time additional-oxygen-free! However, throughout the day he was back alternating between the facemask and the CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure…who said Harriet and Fred would struggle with the medical lingo?!). The reason for this was that his Sats had dropped a little overnight and need to recuperate before he will be allowed back up to the Ruth Myles Unit. Another huge bonus of the night is that George’s neutrophils had rocketed up to 4.0 this morning, such a huge increase the doctors thought it a lab error, and had to double check the figures! The doctor explained that they would, therefore, stop the growth hormone to avoid his neutrophils hitting 20.0 by tomorrow! There is no doubt about it, George is fighting back!
George ate two solid meals today (yes….of the hospital food variety!) and even managed a game of Who’s Who with us, plus the cricket highlights. George seemed very reflective this afternoon (hardly a surprise) and is keenly anticipating a move upstairs in the not too distant future, as are the nurses who report that Ruth Myles is very quiet without him!
All in all we are pleased to report things continue to move in the right direction. Thank you all, again, for your endless support and prayers. Harriet and Freddie.

Another Quick Note:

John Gladwyn, the brother of Georges friend Robyn, is participating in the Blenheim Palace Triathalon this Sunday, consisting of a 700m (not 700km as I had previously written..) swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run. He must be a bloody good bloke, because he’s doing it for Leukaemia Research. If you would like to sponsor him, remembering that all the proceeds are going to an amazing place, then SPONSOR HIM HERE. Go on, you know you want to.. Best of luck from all the Nortons..Fred

16 thoughts on “4.0?! You’re having a laugh like…

  1. We have all been thinking of you SOOOOOO much, and very pleased to hear you are doing so much better. As soon as you are up to visitors I will come and bombard you with general trivia and nonsense, what else are cousins useful for!! Ali and her spanish boyf, jose, arrive tomorrow in london for a few precious days, so am very excited to see her. You take HUGE care please, and see you very soon. Lots of love Marie-Soph xxxxxx

  2. mmmmm…4.0???oddio….i neutrofili si sono montati la testa!!!;-)l’applauso di incoraggiamento li ha entusiasmati troppo!:-)
    Che dire…queste notizie sono davvero musica per le mie orecchie!
    Ecco…è il momento di tirare quel sospiro di sollievo tanto agognato…!
    Andiamo alla grande allora!

    Con immenso affetto, un bacio a tutta la famiglia Norton, ed un abbraccio speciale a te carissimo George.


  3. So pleased things are going so well George… big thumbs up from the staff room in Wycombe!
    As John’s brother I thought I’d add that impressive as a 700km swim would be he’s actually doing 700m!!! Other distances are in km though so it’s still a pretty good effort! Thanks for putting that up Freddie – very much appreciated.
    Much love,
    Robyn xxxx

  4. I don’t know…no neutrophils when you need them and then four million turn up at once. Glad to see Robyn has corrected the swim distance already, I was feeling inadequate.

  5. George you are one seriously tough cookie! And I am so pleased that things are starting to pick up again. So much love and hugs coming your way! All my love

  6. Wow trust me to be out of internet reach when you really need it most. So shocked to hear about all the ups and downs George but thrilled to hear that you are fighting back. Thinking of you and the family so very very much, will up the prayers and send you all my healthiest good luck vibes. All love, steiny XXX

  7. I too am glad it’s not 700km, gosh that would be 350 lengths of my local pool. I only managed about 50 this morning and nearly drowned! Very happy to hear that you’re on the up George Hoptoh, thinking of you.

    Incidentally, I have just received an email from a friend who says he was in ferrari’s the other day but didn’t want to interrupt me as I looked like I was having too much fun… Ah that’s because I was with the Nortons! Lol Xx

  8. Fantastic news! Good work George. As always struggling for things to say, other than how wonderful it is to hear that you are on the up.

    love, Chris x

  9. Thinking of you lots…and watching your blog counter in amazement. You are so damn popular! Ps…Robyn said you were going to make us all ‘good luck in the exams’ cards. Where are they? Intensive care is simply no excuse.
    Lots of love and prayers.
    Spuds xx

  10. Fab news George! That’s what I CALL ‘number crunching’!

    Thanks to knowing about your blog, I’m seriously considering setting up a FICTIONAL character blog a la a positive Bridget Jones. What do you think?

    Keep on keeping on.


  11. Fabulous news that you’re heading back to RMU and that some of the plumbing is about to be removed… yippee!
    xxx Robyn
    p.s. Spuds you are taking my name in vain… what I actually said was that being a bossy teacher I’d dropped in Blue Peter style entertainment… watch out George it may be the Thunderbird Island next…

  12. oh you guys… I want a thunderbird island SO much, please robyn please! Spuddydo, how scrumptious you sound, hope you’re well. Georgie, big thumbs up me old mate me old chum, can’t wait to see you in your lovely blue room again. keep happy darling X

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