Well… My first two days back in haven’t quite been as smooth as I might have hoped… I had occasionally felt a little rough in the days before I came in, but it was only slight and I put it down to natural chemo-provoked nausea. However, on Sunday I felt a bit worse, and progressively so as the day went on. What’s more, my temperature started climbing, so I wasn’t all that surprised when the evening saw me throwing up and spiking a temperature of 38C. I did feel pretty horrible then, but some anti-sickness and antibiotics did the job, as I then slept like a log and felt fine when I woke up this morning. And my temperature was back down! So that was a relief. I still have a neutrophil count of 1.6, which means I’m not neutropaenic, so that probably helped, too.

Not much else has happened, apart from Europe winning the Ryder Cup (yay!) and Pompey finally losing and conceding a goal (boo!) – I’ve been sleeping quite a lot, perhaps due to the relatively heavy load of chemo I’ve been for the past few days. Tomorrow is the final cytarabine before a few days off.

Sadly the internet is still not flowing on the ward, though it is still in the pipeline. Ho-hum.

4 thoughts on “An early scare

  1. george!
    just perusing your blog and catching up on your news and LOVED the story of the randomer paying your entrance fee.
    glad the anti sickness pills are working and hope you don’t feel that sick again any time soon,
    lol kate xxx

  2. Hey you,
    No scares please! Glad all is now well and planning a visit in the not too distant future!
    Take care and lots of love, Ellie x

  3. Hi George
    Sorry I have not written recently but been a bit busy, although still unemployed, so no real excuse. Except new hubbie has had my nose to the grindstone doing washing, ironing, cleaning & cooking etc!! Haven’t quite got my head round it all yet either, keep forgetting my name.
    I repeat what Ellie said above, although it is not really in your hands is it! Am thinking of you all the time & will try & see you when I am over in a couple of weeks.
    Take care gorgeous (great pic that one although I prefer the one with the kisses!!)
    Lots of love
    Christian & Hannah xxxxx

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