Unfortunately, having finished the last post optimistically stating that I was feeling better and seemed to have things taken care of, I then proceeded to feel pretty nauseous again, and over the past few days have thrown up a couple of times and had some diarrhoea… I am now off most of the antibiotics, however, as my temperature has settled a bit (though this evening was above 37 again), and at the moment my tummy also seems more settled. However, I’m well aware this could be a false alarm again, so I’m not getting too excited!

As a result of feeling pretty rubbish, I haven’t had much chance to do anything, save watch Spooks, Lost and O! Brother Where Art Thou. Today I finally managed to attack the OMV database, which has of course fallen back under my control, and unfortunately it looks as though there might be quite a lot of tedious work to be done there… Lucky I’ve not got anything else going on, I guess.

Today the gorgeous Row, Jo and Aoifeu visited, which naturally cheered me up a lot. There was a moment of panic, however, when they arrived at 5.30pm to discover that the ward now has protected mealtimes, meaning no visitors between 12.30pm and 1pm, and 5.30pm and 6pm. I hadn’t been told this, but even though I had sensibly declined hospital supper, I wasn’t allowed to have them in my room until 6pm. So, easy solution: I went out instead! We only went as far as the Atkinson Morley Wing (the plush part of the hospital), but it was good to be out of my room. But let this be a warning! Do not visit during protected mealtime! At least not when I’m neutropaenic, which I probably will be in the next few days.

One last rant, though: the food has got no better… How can they feed it to us?! My tummy is a bit tender anyway, and even the smell makes it gurgle. Hmph.

8 thoughts on “Why protect mealtimes when meals are so rubbish?

  1. There was a survey on hospital food in the Observer food magazine last week – apparently you are not alone, sadly. As a matron commented, when they discovered pencillin, they thought they could give up on using food as an aid to healing and somewhat “threw the baby out with the bath water”.

    Let the smuggling of nice & nutrious (who says healthy has to be boring?) food to room 2566 begin!

    Glad to hear you’re keeping up with Spooks – I miss my viewing buddy.

    Speak soon cariad

    h xx

  2. wow the face is confusing – think i’ve found another effective timewaster though. it’s raining today, isn’t that rubbish… (although i suppose the ducks are happy) X

  3. P in uk at footie,(as you know)(he didnt invite me either),me looking at your blog seeking inspiration for next essay…existential somethingorother…still searching….maybe dealing with hospital food could get a mention-its probably done that way so the chemo doesnt seem quite so awful.or maybe aiming for the holistic approach that the whole thing is equally disappointing.get mr oliver onto it i say.hilx

  4. Maybe they protect mealtimes so the hospital can’t get ‘done’ under the Trade Descriptions Act for passing ‘suspect matter’ off as food? lol!

    Stay cool hun!


  5. George, I haven’t commented for yonks. I do apologise!

    I completely failed to watch Lost on Tuesday, and now cannot miss the repeat on Sunday or I’ll never know the answers to all my…oh, wait. :/ I’ll never know the questions that should be bugging me until next year, more like. Grr!

    Are you still in hospital? If so, are you visitable? I finish work at 5.30 so I should be able to get there after your closely guarded and highly confidential dinner…

  6. you poor wee thing back in hospital with not such great food!!! Chrissie and Andrew got married yesterday..was a lovely wedding! Sooo scary that they have actually done it! Sorry haven’t written for ages – lack of internet in Utrecht! Big X mansa

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