Sorry I haven’t updated for quite a few days – it’s mainly because nothing seemed to be changing and I was waiting in hope for something to break the cycle… Still having a low-grade fever, and with an infection marker showing a possible bug, I was still getting antibiotics and starting to wonder whether I’d ever get out. My neutrophils were down to 0.0 and I did indeed have a PICC line put in.

The line went in easily enough, and has been working fine, but unfortunately there’s been some ‘mechanical irritation’ – my upper arm is swollen and pretty sore. Michaela, who put it in, will hopefully have a look at it tomorrow, but I’m not quite sure what the options will be. The doctor mentioned something anti-inflammatory, though I haven’t had it yet, or they might have to take the line out. Which would be very annoying! I don’t have much luck with lines.

Meanwhile, my neutrophils are climbing (0.4 today) and the high infection marker is falling, so hopefully my temperature will come down too. The doctor seemed quite positive about that, particularly because if there is any infection, the neutrophils should now be able to whack it. Hurrah for neutrophils! However, we all know by now that nothing is certain, so I don’t want to get excited about getting out just yet.

One excitement this week, though, was meeting the Mayor of Wandsworth, who had heard a couple of ex-RMU patients extol the virtues of the ward, and decided to visit. I was nominated as one of the patients for him to talk to, so in he came with his white hair, beard, enormous height and massive bling. Well, his mayor’s chain. He seemed a nice feller.

Another excitement I’d LOVE to be out for is the OMV Autumn Drinks Party this Friday, particularly because of last year. I went along, a couple of days before my appointment with the haematologist, and was quite soon a bit of a wreck, ending up in A&E because I was in such agony. So I would love to be able to make a healthier appearance, to show how much better I am, rather than my friends thinking ‘remember last year, George was very ill… Is he here tonight? Oh, no, he’s still in hospital’. It would be a psychological boost, as well as lots of fun…

I’ll keep you all updated on anything that changes – hopefully as soon as possible!

4 thoughts on “And the beat goes on…

  1. Well, fingers crossed then! Hope to see you soon, George, and congratulations on meeting the mayor. I’d sure love to meet a dignitary of such great significance!

    Get weller soon.

  2. Heya!!
    I’ve just had a crazy, (but rather wet!!) day in London – via the dentist in Essex!
    But I’m sorry I didn’t make it to see you, George in St George’s, – but I had kind of hoped you were ‘out’.
    However, I will be back on Friday! but hopefully you will make it to the drinks – it will be a rave + if you wanted you could even sign my DofE book again (I managed to remember to take it you lourdes, but failed to get anyone to sign it!!) More importantly everyone will be thrilled to see you…..So save lots of energy etc.
    Its also very exciting because Rachael has asked me to be on the WKB ”social committee”!! I’m an official OMVer!! Tee hee!
    Otherwise life is pretty normal – except I’ve got my GAP year interview on Thursday which seems quite keen! I just hope I won’t chat too much!!
    Anyway sleep lots + get better for Friday,hopefully catch up then!
    Love Catherine x

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