They seem to have vaguely sorted the temperature – admittedly it’s a bit temperamental, veering between very warm and a bit cold – so life’s a bit more comfortable in that sense. It does still sound as though they’re building another hospital upstairs, though, so daytime sleeping isn’t quite as easy as I’d like… And no, I’m not just lazy – it’s as impossible as ever to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep, particularly when Obs are joined by antibiotics being given at ungodly hours.

Anyway, last time I wrote I was probably spiking temperatures every so often, and the culprit was named as a small infection in my line. The doctors were giving me the right antibiotics for it, but it was stubborn, so on Friday the decision was made to take out my Hickman line. This made sense, but was nevertheless a sad occasion, as it has served me well and saved me from hundreds of jabs…

Since then, my temperature has stayed down, and I had hoped to be finishing my antibiotics today. Unfortunately, my consultant seems to be in no rush to stop them, so it looks as though they’re still on the menu.

Over the weekend I had a horrible cannula in the back of my right hand – other locations had failed, so it was left to that tiny vein to take all the antibiotics coming in. Ouch! Fortunately that came out this morning, and the plan currently seems to be to give me another PICC line – remember them? I don’t have enough treatment left to make another Hickman worthwhile, but a PICC will save my veins from regular cannulas. So it’s good!

9 thoughts on “The End of the Line

  1. Ohhh first to write a comment for once!! We too had trouble with the heating but then found that by turning the boiler to off actually made it work!!! Crazy german engineering I guess! Hope that your heating continues ok both yours & the hospitals.
    Hope you do not have to endure too many more stabbings-they don’t sound nice really.
    We have just got back from a week at home, great to see the olds again (had to check they were surviving without me!) & we saw lots of other family members too. Sorry we didn’t make it up to see you! Next time we will, but hope you may have visited before then?!
    Take care chum & love to all the family, hope to see you soon.
    All our love
    Christian & Hannah xxxx

  2. Hey george, hope your doing ok sounds like your deff on the wind down now towards the big escape. i hope your not casuing too much havic for the nurses!!! Have you heard the great news about Jess check out milts site make sure you got some audio though.

    Take it easy my friend hope to speak soon


  3. Glad to hear the temperature is staying down. ALthough still have no idea what you mean by a cannulas and PICC line?!?! But if they save the veins…fab!
    Hope you are able to escape soon!
    Love from

  4. Dearest George,

    Comments about stabbings and weins and the like have left me a little light-headed. You’re very brave – i can’t deal with talking about them, let alone having them done.

    Am cursing the evil Spooks writers for their double-parter this week – I looked at my watch 5 minutes before the end and realised there was no way this was going to wrap up by 10. Darn them.

    Glad your temperature’s down, you “sound” a little jollier too – all in all a step in the right direction, so let’s home ou keep on walking that path.

    hannah xx

  5. Our old friend PICC back again! Wonderful! I thought we had said our good byes, but apparently not…

    Am going to be in town next week – please can I come and see PICC, Titch and you?
    Big hugs x x x

  6. You are sounding like the pin cushion again. Hang in there , hope you have managed some more restful sleep in the last few days.
    These can be more anecdotes for the book!!
    You are in our thoughts always.
    Love Melanie xxxx

  7. George!! Sounds like you’ve defenitely had a few ups and downs! Thinking about and sending lots of love and prayers from a much warmer SA..

    Keep smiling!
    Roz šŸ™‚

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