Yesterday I felt like a walking advert for lines. I had my PICC line in my left arm, a cannular in my right, and a Hickman in my chest. This was a bit greedy as most people make do with one. However, I needed to have IV hydration at the same time as the chemo so I needed an extra line and thus the cannular was put in (fourth time lucky). The cannular however is only temporary and so they put in a Hickman which has not one but two tubes. Eventually they took the cannular out but until then I was pretty tubed up.

The methotrexate was given in such a high dose that it had to run over 23 hours! Golly gosh. The IV hydration was needed to keep my kidneys flushed, I think, while they have also been testing the pH of my urine to make sure that it is alkaline. It can also give me mucusitis or something like that so I have to be careful to keep my mouth clean. It finished today at about ten o’clock and so far I’ve been feeling okay on it.

Today also saw the joyful return of everyone’s favourite intra-muscular injection, Asparaginase. What’s more, this time it’s double the dose. I was wondering whether that would mean it would hurt twice as much or for twice as long, but having had the injection I think that the answer is ‘both’. So I hobbled up and down the corridor to try to diffuse it and now I only have two lots left. Yikes.

2 thoughts on “And the Wichita line man is still on the line

  1. Hey George,

    Don’t want to dumb or trival, so just know I’m sending the usual everlasting hugs & prayers, ok?

    Love you very much,


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