Back in the olden days, you might remember, I would either be in hospital or my computer would be able to connect to the internet. In hospital, no internet. Out of hospital, internet. Now, due to the power of modern magic, I’m on the internet AND in hospital! Oh yes! Both at the same time! I know you don’t believe me. But it’s true. In hospital, internet. Internet in hospital. Online IN MY VERY hospital room.

In other exciting technological news, I decided a computer should make my choice for the anti-relapse phase (knowing I could still change my mind, and thinking that having a choice thrust upon me might make me realise what I most wanted) and therefore have had the choice randomised…

…and it came up with…

*some text missing*

10 thoughts on “Computers, eh

  1. Come on George, that’s not fair leaving everyone on the edges of their seats. I’m afraid I’ll have to tell them. The computer made the random choice that George will have

  2. haha alright for some!!!i dont have the internet when im in hospital 🙁 boohoo!!!Hope your doing okay.Has the chemo hit you yet?!?!
    Thanx for replying back to me 🙂 what have you been up 2?!?!i went to a yummy Indian meal with my Dad, his GF and siblings yesterday was a laugh!!!
    Haha yeah im not looking forward to radio theropy but its got to be done!!!
    No im not on the UKALL XII trial, whats it like and how long is the treatment for?!?!Im on the G-MAIL protical which is a yr long treatment and is very intense(not given too ppl over 50 as it can effort the organs and stuff)love Becky xxx

  3. George,
    Having not been able to check the blog for a while, I was relieved to hear that you are much better than when I last heard the news of your horrible bug – WELL DONE for beating it you fighter! Looks like I have been missing out on the parties – can I come and see you all dressed up?!
    Missing you. Will be back in the UK at the end of the month and looking forward to coming to see you.
    Lots of love and keep up the good work.
    Take care,
    Ellie x

  4. Hi George

    Friend of your sister Harri here – she pointed me toward your blog – top work fella! Give us a shout if you want any CSS geek template-fu done (p’raps a nice picture in the title bar there?). I’m crossing my fingers for you down here in London, but glad to hear you’ve got the essentials of life in hospital, for broadband internet access is fast becoming an essential!



    p.s. If you’re bored, go and have a gander at my site – – hours and hours of boring stuff for you to read 🙂

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