5 thoughts on “As I wait for my neutrophil count to drop…

  1. Bring them down. Great that this stage is also nearly over too. Forever moving on. Hope that you manage to catch Miss Gladwyn’s !!! offer of a trip to the local bar or restaurant for your birthday.
    Love Melanie xxx

  2. Hey you – feeling more chirpy today? I am heading to Cambridge on the 1st, but I have specifically kept the 2nd free so I can come and give you non-infectious birthday kisses… Let me know where you’ll be, I need a hug from my Georgie Porgie. This last few days has not been fun. Thank you for letting me blub over the phone! I miss you
    Lots of love
    C x x

  3. Ah Georgissimo! The never-ending battle with neutropoenia, what fun! As you are now stuck in St Georges, Milt and I would love to visit you in your hermitage, please flick me an email (jess291082@hotmail.com) to let me know if your up to it, you name the day and time, we’ll be there with bells!

    Take care, friend.


  4. Silly numbers! What do they need to be?

    Hang in there George. If ever there a bareable day not to be allowed out, it has to be a grey, rainy, Monday after all!

    Love Ya!

  5. hi george, hope things go well for you and that you will be allowed out soon. I’ve only been back for a week, as i’ve been in the States with my folks. speak to to you soon.
    from Phil Wilkinson

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