I shall write a decent-length post soon, but to be honest there’s not been much to say recently… I’m still in the hermitage, my neuts have finally started falling (1.4 on Monday, 1.1 on Tuesday) and I’ve been extremely grateful to the World Cup for providing company during the long afternoons and evenings! I’ve been lying in like a teenager, drawing a ‘MISSING’ poster for Freddie’s and Harriet’s best entry for a colouring-in competition on the ward: it was the Brazil flag and was the favourite to win until somebody half-inched it!

This evening my lovely father visited, which was great – and not just because he brought clean clothes (I’d only expected to be here for a week, if you remember) and food! I’ve some charming friends popping in over the next few days, which is great, so between them and Wimbledon I should be able to keep myself entertained. I expect I’ll be neutropaenic very soon, so no more wandering down to Peabody’s or to get a newspaper, but hopefully it won’t be long before the count starts coming up again…

6 thoughts on “Turn around, bright eyes!

  1. Clean clothes must be good.
    Yes, World cup has been entertaining. Hope that your friends drop by to relieve the boredom and all the best for the neut count to get right.
    Thinking of you.
    Love Melanie

  2. glad your able to watch wimbalden and the world cup. Hopefully England will go all the way, but we’ll see!!!!!

  3. Hi George,

    At least the World Cup’s good for something. I hereby forgive it for exsisting (as long as I don’t have to watch it).



  4. Hello,
    Flag theft is South London’s fastest growing crime problem, so watch out.
    A cold caught me yesterday, I am not impressed.
    Still in Scotland, back on Friday, can I come visit at the weekend? (as long as I’m not sneezing!) xx

  5. Hey Superman

    The World Cup and Wimbeldon, sounds like an amazing combo to me!

    Some of the Rapp clan will be in London for the run on Sunday so will contact you for a suitable time, as don’t want to take up too much of your birthday!

    If there is anything you want just yell, and I’ll see what I can do…

    Looking forward to seeing you

    miles of smiles

    Love lots cousin lucy x x x

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