I had a lovely 24 hours at home, involving just one and a half bacon sandwiches and a delicious toad in the hole, as well as a good proper sleep and a proper amount of singing loudly at the piano. My pater had to drive a fair bit – what with picking me up and bringing me back – which was very kind of him and gave him a chance to make sure his new car worked properly, which I think it did.

Back in the ‘ospital it was swiftly back into routine, though I enjoyed my last few hours of not having to measure my urine. The next batch kicked off at 4am this morning, and I have just 13 hours left of my methrotrexate drip! I had plenty of guests to keep me busy and ensure I didn’t have to get out of bed (if there are guests, I feel guilty taking up a chair; if there aren’t, I feel guilty staying in bed all day). Have been stretching my legs a bit now and met another couple of patients on the ward! That’s always exciting, due to its rarity, though I didn’t get to talk much to them.

Tomorrow the meths will finish, and asparaginase will once again take me to a whole new world of pain. So think of me tomorrow and appreciate how comfortable it is to sit on your bottom and not to have anything injected in it. Ug.

On a prettier note, I might take photo of my fingernails to post on here soon. Hurrah!

6 thoughts on “Aspaaaaaagggggghhhhhhraginase

  1. Beh….prima di tutto augurissimi di buon S.Faustino!te l ho detto no?Qui il 15 febbraio è dedicato ai single!iuhhhhhhuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

    Allora….un in bocca al lupo per l’iniezione di asparaginase…



  2. Hey George,

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed some well-earned rest at home! Hope the asparaginase isn’t too bad today. If it’s any consolation, I’m having difficulty sitting as well, as I feel like I’ve broken my coccyx (I’ve got no idea how to spell that…). Sore bums aren’t ideal.

    Your blog is brilliant by the way!

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