First things first: the asparaginase yesterday was, as expected, painful, though it wasn’t quite as bad as last week. That may have been because I was dreading it so much, or may have been due to an alternative technique by the staff nurse. Anyway, it’s done, which is the most important thing, so only one more of those to go, and that’s in just under two weeks’ time.

Excitingly, I’m feeling the cool air over my head somewhat more today, after I finally gave in to myself (there was much Gollumesque thinking to be done first) and had my head shaved… It’s very exciting, and I reckon it’s much better than it was, as it was getting pretty thin and pathetic. This is what I look like:

Pretty cool, in my humble opinion.

Here’s me looking a little scarier and more like a cancer patient:

And these were my hairdressers:

Meanwhile, I’m not sleeping much, due to being given folinic acid and saline throughout the night still, but it’s good to get the second dose over with. Hopefully I’ll be allowed home on, say, Monday, for just over a week, as there’s a longer gap until the third and final dose.

It’s a bit chillier with no hair…

14 thoughts on “SLAP!

  1. Marcus beat me with the sentiment, but I want to meet your hairdressers! Have to say I’m liking the new look mista – just grow a goatee beard and you can make the transition from cancer patient to performance poet in one fell swoop… I look forward to coming and giving your pate a good stroke soon my wee little billiard ball… I hope you have a good chlled time at home, replete with many bacon sarnies, and i’ll come a visiting when you’re back in your private members club…

    Love, hugs and smiles at the fact that i’m watching man utd get beat right now,


  2. Dammit! Like Ben said, we’ve been beaten to it with the hairdresser sentiments. I spend my whole life looking for hairdressers like that and you have them running after your hair like it was a really nice pair of scissors or whatever else hairdressers go in for. time you see them be sure to send them my way.
    Love Adamski

  3. So, Dr Evil! Number Two here, while you have been chemogenically preserved in Two Ting, I have developed a masterly plan for us to rule the world ……….by getting everyone hooked on bacon sarnies and then ……! Also, I was offered a billion, trillion, zillion dollars to reveal the mobile numbers of your hairdressers, but I thought we’d keep that secret to ourselves.

  4. good to see my three fitty’s looking awesome and well…FIT!! Must say it has got to be something to do with those sexy binliners too.

    love you all heaps


  5. hey that is NOT my number!! how cheeky… Am at work georgie and my boss is the most evil woman in the world. AND I’m hungover. ug. X

  6. George, you look more like me by the day. Uncanny, what?

    It was so kind of the hairdressers to treat you so well (especially the blonde one with the funny face . . . ) The least you can do is reciprocate and cut their hair, too. Same style . . . just don’t mention my name. Especially to the ugly one.

  7. well dad, i’m guessing i got my ‘funny face’ from you then… honestly, is this abuse Jo on the internet day?

    am in the library, feeling very liberated after escaping the doom of receptionism yesterday. Ah, life is good (despite being ‘the ugly one’….) XXX

  8. Ah but the cold gives you ample excuse to experiment with hats, and various other headgear (scarves, tiaras, anything really).

    Plus you can polish your head and reflect light at people for your own amusement (as small children do with watches etc)

    I think you now resemble a certain solar-powered ornament in more than just his glee!

    Hannah T xxxxxxx

  9. Hey, George
    its me again……
    nice Hairdresses they seem nice anyway…
    The only hairdresses in singapore that you can find are the ones that say hello Lah! how much you want cut lah!!!!watever!!! they couldnt have done a better job!
    somtimes i wish my hair was like that so i wouldnt have to brush it every day!!!lots of love JESS!!!

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